Bay of Bengal Islands

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The Bay of Bengal islands is also called the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. These islands are extended for about 590 km and the width is around 58 kilometres. The total area can be counted as 8350 kilometres square. the bay of Bengal Island or you can say the Andaman Nicobar group of islands are separated from each other by 10–degree channel. The island can be approached from the mainland of India and they are situated at a distance of 220 kilometres.

The extreme southernmost point of the island or people said the southernmost point of India is called the Indira point. The group of islands includes the 204 Islands. The majority of the islands are in Great and little Andamans. The Great Andamans includes the north and middle Andaman, South Andaman, Baratang, and Rutland Islands.

In this group of islands, there are also two volcanic islands which are called Barren and Narcondam Island. These islands are situated 80 kilometres away from Andamans. The climate in Andaman Island is very humid and the bay of Bengal Islands experiences rainfall throughout the year.

Another group of islands consists of 18 Islands. From 18 Islands there are only 11 islands that are inhabited. The islands are Car Nicobar, Chowra Teressa, Bompoka, Camerota, Trinket, Nancowry, Catchall, little Nicobar, Great Nicobar, and Kondul. The other seven islands are uninhabited.

Twenty islands are separated from the Andaman group of the island through a channel which is called the ten–degree channel. It also represents the affected zone. The islands experience a hot humid climate. The natural geography of the island is Arabic different. The Nicobar Islands are of corals and somewhere these are hilly.

The destinations are having strict limitations for the tourists because of the tribal areas. The major industry in Andaman Nicobar Island is tourism. Most of the revenue generated by the government of Andaman Nicobar from the tourism industry running by the government. You can say 85% of the areas are forests. There are 96 sanctuaries and national parks which are situated in the Andaman and Nicobar group of Islands.

Most Visited Places in Andaman and Nicobar Island

Port Blair

Let’s talk about the capital of the Andaman Nicobar Islands the Port Blair. Port Blair is situated on the coast of South Andaman Island. Port Blair is a very beautiful and mesmerizing place for tourists. It is the gateway to the Andaman Nicobar Islands. Port Blair is home to many water adventure activities.

Some of the beautiful restaurants are situated in Aberdeen Bazaar of Port Blair. Transportation is available in Port Blair, like the airport and the bus transportation facilities. Port Blair is a place for natural and scenic beauty. Tourists also visit many historical sites and attractions around Port Blair.

The major attraction in Port Blair is the cellular jail which is also called the Kala Pani. The jail was constructed in 1960 and was a torturous place for Indian freedom fighters and political prisoners. The jail was used by the Britishers for Indians’ freedom fighters.

The light and sound show of Port Blair is also famous. The light and sound show represents the freedom struggle of India which was started in 1989.

Tourists can also visit is Mount Harriet. Mount Harriet is the highest point in South Andamans. It is 50 kilometres from Port Blair. Mount Harriet is famous for its scenic beauty. The major attraction is Corbyn’s Cove. Corbyn’s Cove is famous for its natural beauty, coconut trees, and palm trees, and an ideal place for relaxation at adventure for the tourists. It is situated 7 km away from Port Blair.

The next attraction is the Samudrika Marine museum. There are more than 350 Marine creatures are included in the Samudrika Marine museum. There is also a skeleton of a Blue Whale. Apart from that, one can enjoy the various corals displayed in the Samudrika Marine museum.

Another major attraction is the Japanese bunker. This banker was built during the Japanese occupation in World War II.

Ross Island

Now, let’s talk about nature’s heaven of Andaman Nicobar which is called Ross Island. It has a historical connection with Port Blair. It’s a beautiful expression place from Port Blair. There are ferry services that connect the island to Port Blair.

The major attraction in Ross Island is tourists can enjoy are the ruins of a British mansion, a British Church, and a market. There are many places which are built by the British during their occupation in Ross Island. There is a museum in Ross Island which includes pictures painting sketches from the British era. Ross Island is controlled by the Indian Navy now.

Other Islands

  • The next destination is Viper Island. The island is named after Vessel Viper whose ship met with an accident and he found this Island.

  • The next destination is Havelock Island. This is a very famous Island. It’s a Paradise for the tourist who wants to enjoy the beaches. The island is rich in forests. Beaches and coral reefs. It is situated 39 km away from Port Blair.

  • The next destination is Radha Nagar beach. Radha Nagar beach is included among the best beaches in Asia by Times Magazine.

  • The next destination is Barren Island. It has a great population of goats, birds, which are found on the Island. The island has a volcano which is called the Barren volcano which is the only active volcano in South Asia. Barren Island is around 35 km away from Port Blair.

    The island is famous for a rare interesting scuba diving destination. The island is included in the world’s top diving destinations.

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