8 Best Beaches in Karnataka

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Karnataka has a 320 kms long coastline which is bordered by beautiful palm trees. It has the Western Ghats in the east and is blessed with the blue waters of the Arabian Sea in the West. The coastline of Karnataka offers a picture-perfect world of beaches.

The scenic beauty and untouched charm of the beach areas make Karnataka beaches a must-visit beach holiday destination. Beautiful beaches with mesmerizing charm and serenity pull innumerable tourists from all over the world.

Beaches in Karnataka

  1. Gokarna
  2. Kaup
  3. Suratkal
  4. Karwar
  5. Malpe Beach
  6. Marawanthe Beach
  7. Murudeshwar Beach
  8. St. Mary Island


A sleepy Brahmin town, lodged somewhere between a conservative society and a faithful hippy fan following, Gokarna is a dream destination for so many different reasons. Its refusal to fall into a certain type-casted slot is just one of them.

Open beaches, undiscovered coves, epiphanic sunsets, jagged cliffs, quaint temples and an evasive culture that makes Gokarna whatever you want it to be. Sun, sand and surf is what you go to Gokarna for, and the solitude it offers is like a bonus track on a great music album.

The Om Beach, with its Om-shaped shoreline is a scramble down a rocky cliff – just like every other beach in Gokarna. Cliffs separate each of Gokarana’s five beaches from the others and offer spectacular views far out into the Arabian Sea.

You can either take a boat ride to other beaches or walk it down. But either way the Kudle Beach, the Paradise Beach, the Half-moon Beach and the Gokarna Beach are worth a visit. Gokarna is 58 kilometres away from Karwar.


Kaup is situated 12 kms. South of Udupi, on the coastal belt that passes through the West Coast National Highway. Kaup has a lovely beach, a ruined fort and an old 100ft. high lighthouse. There are two famous temples of Goddess Mariamma in Kaup. The Jain basadis here are in ruins, but are worth a visit.


15km north of Ullal, this beach is near the promontory on which the new lighthouse stands. A steep path connects the lighthouse to the Sadashiva Temple.


With gentle waves, miles of golden sand, a tranquil ambience, and acres of emerald foliage, Karwar has all the makings of a perfect holiday destination. The captivating landscape is ringed with rugged hill ranges, thick woods, and mysteriously deep valleys. This paradise inspired the great Indian muse Rabindranath Tagore to pen his first play.

Since then, this little town has continued to inspire all its visitors. The Sadashivgad Hill Fort with a Durga Temple, the unique octagonal church, the 300-year old Venkatrama Temple with ochre paintings, and the Naganatha Temple, where an anthill is worshipped, are sure to make a lasting impression.

Devbagh is the most enchanting of the five islands along the Karwar coast. Visits to Anjidev Island are restricted. Karwar is a beautiful beach with gentle waves, palm-laced beaches, silver sand, and calm, peaceful valleys.

Malpe Beach

About 6 kms from Udupi, is the natural harbour of Malpe, situated at mouth of river Malpe. It is an important fishing centre on Karnataka’s coastline and is famous for its scenic beauty. Other attractions at this enchanting beach are the island of Darya Bahadurgarh across the bay, the Balarama Temple and Malpe’s oldest tile factory, set up by the Basel Mission. Just a boat ride away, the St

Mary’s Island is another admirable holiday destination from Malpe Beach. Best season to visit Malpe is from August to March. The endless stretch of golden sand, graciously swaying palm trees, clear blue sky, and the gentle murmur of the sea set the perfect mood for an idyllic holiday.

Marawanthe Beach

Take in the spectacular views at Marawanthe, a seaside town where the West Coast Highway cruises alongside the Arabian Sea on one side, with the picturesque Kodachadri Hills forming a backdrop to the Sauparnika River on the other.

It is 52 km from Udupi. Marawanthe wears the look of a fairyland at sunset when the sky turns crimson and the golden rays of the sun are reflected in the sea as well as the river. Water sports promise an action-filled holiday.

Visit Baindur, a hamlet 45km from Marawanthe with a lovely beach close by. Near Baindur is the scenic Ottinane with its overhanging cliffs, an ideal place for viewing the sunset. A further drive will take you to the Belaka Theertha Falls near Baindur.

Murudeshwar Beach

Located 16 kms from Bhatkal, Murudeshwar beach is believed to have been consecrated by a piece of the Pranalinga of Mahabaleshwara thrown by Ravana and has some beautiful carvings and statues. It is a popular picnic spot, having beautiful blue waters of the sea and the majestic mountains.

Other attractions around this beach are the Murdeshwar temple, the Kanduka Giri and the fort of Tipu Sultan. This lovely destination can be visited throughout the year. Murudeshwar will woo you with its beaches, Shiva Temple and the tallest Shiva statue in India. Murudeshwar beach is 50 kilometres away from Udupi.

St. Mary Island

About 6km from the Malpe coast into the Arabian Sea, one gets to see the palmfringed St. Mary’s Island which bears the cross that Vasco Da Gama placed when he landed in 1498. The island is 300m long and 100m wide. It is famous for its unique salt rock formations.

Due to this geological importance, St. Mary’s Island is declared as a National Geological Monument. It is also rated among India’s top 7 Natural Wonders by Jet Wings Magazine. This beach is 11 km from Udupi.

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