15 Best Beaches in Maharashtra

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Beaches in Maharashtra are apt destinations for an enriching vacation and as a matter of fact, they also make one of the best getaway spots as well. These beaches are spread across the 720 km stretch of coastline starting from Dahanu and Bordi in the north and ending in Goa.

Apart from exploring the wondrous sea forts, temples and churches, you can enjoy by indulging in an array of water sports and savor a quite sunbathe on the sands.

One can find not only crowded and posh beaches like Juhu and Marine Drive Chowpatty beaches but also earthy and sleepy beaches like Harnai and Bassein, which are a bit slow but provide a peaceful and pollution-free environment. There are beaches for adventure lovers as well like Velneshwar and Shriwardhan-Harihareshwar.

In Vijaydurg-Sindhudurg and Dahanu-Bordi beaches, one may went down to the memory lanes of the history. Here, one can discover the remains of ruined forts and even the existence of Portuguese culture in these areas. Murud-Janjira, Dahanu- Bordi and Shriwardhan-Harihareshwar are the beaches, which can enjoy both the sizzles of a typical beach as well as a pilgrimage site.

Beaches in Maharashtra

  1. Bassein
  2. Dahanu Bordi
  3. Ganapatipule
  4. Harnai
  5. Juhu Beach
  6. Mandwa Kihim
  7. Madh Island Beach
  8. Marine Drive
  9. Marve Manori Gorai
  10. Murud Janjira
  11. Shriwardhan
  12. Tarkali
  13. Velneshwa
  14. Vengurla Malvan
  15. Vijaydurg Sindhudurg


Bassein is in a peaceful location, which is 77 km away from Mumbai. It is closely similar with India’s sultry beach state of Goa. But here, crowd is a bit less and those who wish to enjoy peaceful environment must-visit Basssein.

This is quite of a historic place. One can see ruined forts that were built by the Portuguese inside dense forests of brushwood and palm grooves. Locals serve delicious Portuguese cuisines as well.

One can also see Buddhist relics at Nalasopara, which is 10 km from Bassein. Vajreshwari Temple, Akloli hot springs, Sadguru Nityanand Maharaj Samadhi Mandir at Ganeshpuri, Bhimeshwar Temple and other ashrams are also worth to visit. There are quite a few churches of Portuguese times as well in Bassein. The nearest airport is in Mumbai, while the nearest railway station is at Bassein Road. It is well connected by road as well.

Dahanu Bordi

Not only for its extensive and tidy beach, Dahanu is also known for its vast chikoo fruit orchids. Dahanu is 145 km away from Mumbai that comes under Thane district of Maharashtra.

Bordi is half-hours drive away from Dahanu. Here, one can find endless beaches, which are very safe and beautiful. Although, it is quite warm during summer, the gentle breeze cools down the entire beach.

Mecca of the Zoroastrians is a place, which is very popular amongst tourists as there is a magnificent temple, which houses the sacred fire of the Zoroastrians. It is believed that this fire has been kept alive for almost a thousand years. The existence of Iranian and Persian culture further makes this place more exotic.


The waters of Ganapatipule are crystal clear and pristine. The entire stretch of beach is covered with fresh greeneries. The roadside sceneries on the way to Ganapatipule are captivating with narrow roads, red soil, roofed houses, clean courtyards, and innumerable fruit bearing trees and casuarinas lining.

Ganapatipule is regarded as one of the most important beaches of Maharashtra. It is 375 km south of Mumbai. Fine, sifted, silver sands, a gentle lapping sea, which soothes frayed nerves, attracts large number of tourists are the features of this beautiful beach. It is regarded as a beautiful seaside resort, especially for families in Maharashtra.

One can see a glimpse of the entire beach, which is covered with white sand and blue waters from the top of the hill. Ganapatipule is also known as a pilgrimage site for its 400-year-old temple of Swayambhu Ganpati (naturally formed monolithic Ganesh). Malgund and Ratnagiri are other attractions, which are worth to be visited near this beach.


Harnai is about 200 km away from Mumbai. Despite its quietness, it is emerging fast as a tourist destination as visitors from Pune and Mumbai are frequently visited this place to celebrate the weekends. Harnai fort is also a main tourist attraction of the area. South of Harnai fort is the palm-fringed beach of Murud, famous for its clean white sands and safe waters. Panhale Kazi, the famous rock-cut monument is 30 km from Murud-Harnai.

Juhu Beach

Juhu is one of the most popular and posh beaches of India. This fizzing beach on the shores of Arabian Sea is the place where one can find the bungalows of Bollywood stars. This is also a favourite site for film shootings. Luxury hotels and apartments, which are on the southern end of the Juhu beach, are regarded as favourite haunts for movers and shakers of Mumbai.

Juhu beach is not a very good place to swim as it is so crowded. Tourists can enjoy horse and donkey rides, dancing monkeys, acrobats, cricket matches, toy sellers etc. here. Versova, home of Mumbai’s largest Koli fishing community is in the north of Juhu.

Mandwa Kihim

Kihim and Mandawa is nearly 10 km away from Mumbai. Kihim has dense coconut trees that give pollution free green environment. This is a place for nature lovers who want to spend some time with the beauty of nature.

Madh Island Beach

Even though Madh Island is quite a rural sort, but it is quite enjoyable to walk down along the villages of fishermen. This can at least give some peace of mind to the hurried and exhausted life.

Marine Drive

Marine Drive is the place where Mumbaites hang out to cool down a while from the steamy hurried and busied life. The cool breeze and the calmness of the sea cool down the exhausted lot.

Marine Drive was built in the 1920s and 1930s on land reclaimed from the sea. It is located at the heart of Mumbai. As street lamps orderly line up on the edge of the beach, it is also known as Queen’s Necklace. It has recently named Netaji Subhashchandra Bose Road.

Chowpatty Beach is at the top end of Marine Drive. Several Hindu religious ceremonies are taking place at Chowpatty like annual thread-tying ceremony, nariel-purnima and Ganesh Chaturthi immersions. Stalls on the beach, selling Bhelpuri, Kulfi and Paan make the chowpatty zesty. Nana-Nani Park for elderly people has just opened recently near the beach. Mumbai has excellent transport and accommodation facilities.

Marve Manori Gorai

Marve, also known as Borivali is a village very close to Mumbai. Now this place has become quite industrialized, but its beauty remains the same.

Murud Janjira

Murud-Janjira is located near Alibagh, which is the head-quarter of Raigad district. It is one of the most popular and alluring beaches of Maharashtra.


Shriwardhan is the place for seafood lovers and adventure buffs. Tourists can enjoy different varieties of seafood in this beach. Adventure lovers can go out with a small boat to explore the place where Peshwas originally resided.


Takarali beach is known for is clearness of the water. One can sometimes see the seabed unto a depth of 20 ft. If we look the beach panoramically, one can see the serene beauty with shuru trees and wide Karli River at the background.


Velneshwar is an ideal beach for swimming and sunbathing. The green coconut palm grooves and rock free seawater make the beach so beautiful and attractive.

Vengurla Malvan

Vengurla is famous for its long stretch of iridescent sand, lined up with thick cashew, coconut, jackfruit and mango groves. Vengurla rocks or Burnt Islands is so near to this beach.

Vijaydurg Sindhudurg

The great Maratha ruler Chhatrapati Shivaji used Vijaydurg – Sindhudurg as naval base during his reign. So this place has lots of historical sites to see apart from the picturesque beaches. The most important of all is the Vijayadurg fort built by Shivaji in the 17th century.

Sindhudurg has temples dedicated to Bhavani, Mahadeo, Jarimai, Mahapurush and Shivaji spreading over 48 acres. Nearest railway station is Kolhapur, while Sindhudurg is well connected by road as well. It is 510 km, and Vijaydurg is 425 km from Mumbai via the Goa highway.

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