Heritage Circuits of Rajasthan

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Heritage Circuits of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is the most colourful state of India. This sun beaten state is full of sand dunes deserts and stunning palaces. This state has a rich culture and tradition. This is such a state which holds the Indian culture and tradition very firmly. It’s art and craft, traditional dance and folklore are very flourishing. It is famous for it’s rich ethnicity and is the hub of ethnic tourism.

The Indian western desert which sprawling over the state gives a tedious look at first sight if somebody steps forward then gradually he can take the charm of the sweet sound, beautiful colours and fragrances.

It gives a gigantic view to the gruelling tourists. The vibrant orange and green colour attire of the local women while fetching the water from faraway villages and colourful houses of the village with beautiful folk sound of a musician while playing with his sarangi will certainly mesmerise the tourist and gives a vibrant memory in his heart and which will compel him to recall this beautiful memory again and again even the long after his departure.


Ajmer is the beautiful city was founded by Raja Ajay Pal Chauhan, This city was located near to the holy city of Puskar which was the abode of lord Brahma. The name Ajmir was derived from the word ‘Ajay Meru’ is an impregnable hill, under foot hill of which the city stands.

This city speaks the incrediable stories of the great warriors of Chauhan dynasty. This city was once the centre of the powerful Chauhan dynasty. It was also ruled by the Mohammed Ghauri when Prithibiraj Chauhan was defeated by him.

This city contains the substance of the great history. It is such a city where one can find a mix culture of Hinduism and Islam. Now it is the hub of education. The grand Pushkar fair is organised at here.


Bikaner is the most happening place of Rajasthan the medieval city was given name after the name of it’s founder Bika. It was established in the end of 15th century. The old medieval city has been carrying great architectural legacy of the great rulers of the bygone days and also contains the outstanding, aromatic snacks and rugs, forts and palaces and presently famous for it’s bet qualiyu sweets.

Due course of time the economic structure of this place has got changed the camel caravan from the West Asia nomore passes through this way but yet this city contains the outstanding palaces and forts and currently it is famous for it’s colourful market, best quality sweets, aromatic snacks and rugs.


Bharatpur is world famous for it’s Keoladeo Ghana Bird Sanctuary which plays an important role for the upliftment of Rajasthan tourism. Originally is called as Ghana means dense and the word Keoladeo obtained it’s name from the ancient temple of Keoladeo means Lord Siva.

It is renowned for it’s large concentration of bird population both migratory and residencial. It stretches over an area of 29 sq km is famous as the winter abode of large number of migratory birds.


Jaipur is the capital city of Rajasthan is popularly known as pink city of India. It is famous for it’s architectural legacy. It was founded by the Maharaja Sawai Nai Singh II.This colourful city is famous for it’s art and culture.


The marvellous city of caravan was founded in 1155 by Rao Jaisal. Jaisalmer. The yellow city is situated in the heart of the desert full with sand dunes and sand colour forts and palaces is famous for filigree work and is also called as museum city. The splendid evening has a different charm at here.

Sawai Madhopur

Swai Madhopur is the gateway city of the world’s celebrated Ranthambhor National Park is renowned for it’s Tiger Reserve where one can visualise the tiger in their natural habitat most of the time in a day. It gives home to a large number of birds both residential and migratory and also lizards and crocodiles. It is the paradise of wildlife photographers. It certainly attracts large number of tourists.


Udaipur is the lake city popularly known as Venice of the east was founded in 1568 by Maharana Pratapsingh.It is surrounded by marvellous forts and palaces, hilltops, overwhelming temples and beautiful gardens with it’s sweet aroma is undoubtedly a great tourist place. Lake Palace is one of the most romantic hotels in the world.

Mount Abu

Mount Abu is the green oasis in the sterile desert of Rajasthan. Located at the southern tip of the Aravali range is famous for it’s deliciously cool and pleasant climate. It is one of the most beautiful hill stations of India blanketed with thick green trees and blossoming shrubs which gives the heavenly aroma. Apart from this it is quite famous for it’s marvellously carved marble temple.


The Sarishka which was used to be the royal reserve is a dense forest spreads over an area of 765.80 sq km forest gives an enchanting view to the tourists.In 1958 it was declared as the sanctuary and in 1979 it has come under Project tiger and has been declared as a national park in 1982 has much tourism potentials.


Kota is the beautiful city located in the eastern bank of the river Chambal an ancient city contains the glories of bygone days which depicted on fort and palaces.The most outstanding features of this city are. Jag Mandir, Brij Vilas Palace Gardens, Darra Wildlife Sanctuary, the ancient city Chandravati which is in a dilapidated stage attract more number of tourists.


It is one of the famous city of Rajasthan situated on the border of the Thar desert, the royal city of Jodhpur recalls the tales of the distant past is famous for the Meharangarh fort.It was the capital of the Marwar and was founded in 1459 A.D. by Rao Jodha the great king of Rathore who belonged to Rajputs clan and considered themselves as the ancestor of the lord Rama

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