Hotel Policies Regarding Banquets

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Hotel policies regarding banquets are an important aspect of hotel operations and management. Banquets are events that are held within a hotel, and may include weddings, conferences, corporate events, and other social gatherings. As such, hotels must have specific policies in place to ensure that these events are carried out smoothly and successfully, while also maintaining the hotel’s reputation and profitability.

Hotel Policies Regarding Banquets

All hotels and resorts have specific policies regarding banquets. They may relate to the following matters:

Pricing and deposit

Pricing may be calculated on a per person basis or any other basis. A deposit is often required to guarantee the date and time of the banquet. The deposit could be refundable or non-refundable. While guaranteeing, it is also required to mention the number of guests that are expected. A lot of hotels have a minimum and maximum cap for the number of people who will attend the banquet.

Length of event

Typically, a banquet lasts for four hours. The time required is determined at the time of booking and if the event crosses that length, additional hourly charges may be applied.


Hotels may reserve the right to refuse serving drinks to guests who are excessively intoxicated.


Any damages to the hotel or its equipment during a banquet event can be billed to the host of the event. All items that are brought into the premises by the organizer will have to be removed at the conclusion of the event.

General Terms and Conditions for Banquets in Hotels

The following is a sample of the general terms and conditions for banquets in hotels:

  • The hotel reserves the right to cancel and release the banquet space in case of nonpayment of advance as per schedule. All payments to be made in favour of the hotel by cash, credit card or demand draft.

  • The terms and conditions stipulated in this letter of agreement will be considered final when duly signed by both the parties. Any subsequent changes will only be made with the written consent between both the parties.

  • The hotel does not permit to use nails, scotch tape, and pins to put up posters or banners on the panels, walls or doors of the banquet rooms. The hanging ofbanners and posters shall be permitted on free-standing frames.

  • The hotel does not permit blocking fire exit doors with equipment.

  • It does not permit sawing or painting.

  • It does not permit moving of heavy equipment in the function rooms without proper protection for the floors.

  • It does not permit tampering or removal of hotel’s electric or power installations.

  • It does not permit the use of flammable and explosive material.

  • It also does not permit dumping of construction debris of any kind at back area of the hotel.

  • It does not permit cutting and trimming hotel’s existing trees or plants, welcome signage or display in the lobby.

  • Location of any client’s signage must be confined within the function room premises.

  • The client is responsible for directing their suppliers to observe the hotel’s guidelines and as such the client is responsible for any damage incurred by them to the hotel premises.

  • The client is liable for any damage caused to the hotel or equipment by the client or the client’s guests attending the event.

  • The hotel reserves the right to ask for a damage deposit and the client will make good any damage if caused.

  • The people involved in the movement of the material and erect; the set-up for the event from the client’s end needs to maint discipline in the hotel premises. They need to be in neat and ck dress. Also they should be well disciplined and their movement shoi be confined to the premises of the function venue. There should no noise created by them outside the function areas, in the corridc

  • All set-up will have to be done under the supervision of hotel staff.

Sample of Banquet Policies in a Hotel

Pricing Policy

Once a booking is made an advance of 50 per cent of the expected billing is collected and adjusted at the time of the final settlement of bills. If the booking is from a company, a written confirmation to that effect should be taken. If the booking is only for a hall for display and exhibition, full charges will be collected in advance.

Catering Policy

The hotel will supply all food. No outside food will be allowed. Special menus with price will be offered to the host booking the party who will select the dishes and price agreed on. All rates will be quoted on per person basis and for liquor as per consumption. All the details will be signed by the host and a representative from the banquet department and will be treated as a contract.

Cancellation Policy

Any cancellation or change will be done only if intimated one week in advance of the event. Thereafter, the request will not be entertained and the advance forfeited.

Settlement Policy

The final settlement of the bill will have to be done on the day of event and after the event is over. No personal cheques are accepted. In case the bill has to go to a company, then the bill will be signed by an authorized person from the company.

Guarantee Policy

Tentative and guaranteed number of persons attending the function will have to be mentioned and will be charged for the guaranteed number and the additional. No more than 8 per cent on guaranteed will be accepted.

Length of Event Policy

The total time will be allotted to the function and will be a binding on the customer. No loud music will be allowed beyond government prescribed time limit. (07) Licensing Policy All legal licenses, e.g., liquor license will be obtained for the party by the banquet department, the charges thereof will be borne by the client.

Smoking Policy

Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the hotel; however, designated areas are earmarked for smoking.

Audio Visual Policy

In case there is a need for audio visual aids, same will be handled by the banquet department provided intimation is given 24 hours in advance. The charges thereof will be borne by the client.

Gratuity and Tax Policy

Government taxes as applicable will be levied on the entire bill. Around 10 per cent of the service charges will also be charged on the bill. In case the organization is exempted from paying tax, a tax exemption certificate will be produced prior to the event. It will not be accepted after the event.

Security Policy

The hotel will assume no responsibility for damage or loss of any merchandise or article brought into the hotel before, during or following a function. Arrangements for security for exhibits and materials set up for display should be undertaken by the party.

Signs and Display Policy

No tapes nails or staples will be used to stick pictures, signs, banners or posters to the walls. Bulletin boards and flip charts are available for the purpose. Please contact banquet office for the same.

Damage Policy

Any damage to the facility or equipment during the event will be billed to the host of the event.

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