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Explore the Hillocks ornamented with dense tall pines and green deodars trees in Mandi. It is a beautiful tourist attraction in Himachal Pradesh. Nature lovers and adventure seekers will have offbeat travel experiences away from city life. It is a must-visit place in Kullu to witness the natural beauty of serene lakes newly made dams and learn historical facts of some ancient temples.

Pleasant Summers and chilly winters with snowfalls make you go awe. If you like to soak in the warmth, then April to May is the best time, and it is also the peak tourist season in Mandi. It is the perfect destination to visit with your family and partner during holiday vacations. Here’s a list of the five best places to visit in Mandi on your journey through Himachal.

Places to Visit in Mandi

Prashar Lake

A Journey to Mandi starts from the legendary and scenic beauty of Prashar Lake. It is a crystal clear lake at a height of 2730 meters. This beautiful saucer-shaped lake has deep-blue water and leads travelers to serenity. It is situated 50km away from the local Mandi lies at the foot of the snow-capped Dhauladhar ranges. This famous place in Mandi holds a sacred position in the hearts of local people. The most iconic attraction is the three stories pagoda-shaped temple built in the 13th century, dedicated to the Rishi Parashar. This lake has a legendary story that Pandavas created this mountain lake while returning from Mahabharata.

Prashar Lakes is a set of miracles, which has a little floating island that keeps changing its position. Also, the tall cedar trees will get disappeared at the time of stormy weather. One can visit this Sage Parashar lake during Monsoon, where it is surrounded by lush green pastures and panoramic views. During winters, the lake is covered under a thick blanket of snow.

Famous For: three-stories temple made during the 13th century.

Alternate Names: Sage Parashar

Opening Timings: Sunrise- Sunset

Ideal Time to Explore: 2 hours

Best time to visit: December and January to visit hills covered with snow. April – May is a beautiful time to visit

How to reach: Hire a taxi from Mandi

Things to do: trekking during summers, skiing in winters, camping, and praying at the temple

Rewalsar Lake

Mandi is filled with abundant natural sights which fascinate the visitors. One of the best tourist attractions – Rewalsar Lake will surprise you with its sacred and clean water. It is located 23 kilometres away from the south of the town of Mandi. This square-shaped mountain is situated at a height of 1360 meters above sea level, set amidst the woodlands and mountain peaks. This mountain lake is popularly known for its floating reed. It is the holiest destination for Hindus, Sikhs, and Buddhists, where the lakeside is shared by the Buddhists Monasteries, three Hindu temples, and Gurudwara.

Rewalsar Lake is a must-visit place in Mandi. Once you visit this mountain spur filled with dense vegetation, you feel like staying amid the tranquility and serenity of the place. This stunning lake will stun you with a beautiful mixture of water, woodland, and green hills. A perfect destination to relax your mind and clean your aura from negativity.

Famous For: Padmasambhava Caves, Drukpa Kagyud Institute, Naina Devi Temple, Drikung Kagyud Gompa, Kunt Bhyog, Jigar Monastery

Alternate Names: Tso Pema Lotus, Lakshmi Narashima Temple, Yadadri

Opening Timings: Sunrise- Sunset

Ideal Time to Explore: 2 hours

Best time to visit: Between March and October

How to reach: Very close to Mandi, take a short ride by taxi or local bus.

Things to do: Enjoy Sisu Fair in between Feb-March, Seek blessings at temples and monasteries.

Barot Valley

Barot is a small town situated in the beautiful valley of Mandi. It is a peaceful and clean village in Himachal Pradesh. Tourists mesmerize to witness this quiet secluded destination, surrounded by scenic landscapes and a chilly environment. Crystal clear Uhl river flows through the valley, beckons the tourist to visit Barot. It is located 67 km away from Mandi District. This dream-like and pollution-free tourist spot is an ideal destination for solo travel in Himachal Pradesh and enjoying a picnic with the family. Experience the charm of the village by walking through the woods of Deodar and Oak forests.

Barot valley is the gateway to Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary which is home to black bears, ghora, and monal. It is a newfound place for tourists, which came into the limelight when the Shanan Hydroelectric Project was proposed around 1920 in India. The key attraction is the hydroelectric potential of River Uhl. Since then, Barot is considered a top tourist destination in Himachal Pradesh.

Famous For: Nagru Wildlife Sanctuary, Shanan Hydro Project, Uhl River

Ideal Time to Explore: 1 day

Best time to visit: Between April and June

How to reach: take buses from Mandi or hire a taxi to reach the lush green valleys.

Things to do: trekking, camping, and trout fishing.

Panchvaktra Temple

Panchvaktra Temple is famously known as Chhoti Kashi of Himachal Pradesh. It is a holy destination located 1 km away from Mandi bus station. This one of the oldest temples is a major attraction in Mandi, situated on the Sangam of the Sugeti and Beas rivers. Built-in Shikhara architecture style, this Supreme shrine is dedicated to Lord Shiva. There is a huge idol of Lord Shiva, which has five faces depicting different avatars – namely, Aghora (destructive nature), Ishana (omnipresent and omnipotent), Tat Purusha (ego), Vaamdeva (female facet), and Rudra (his creative and destructive aspect). Panchvaktra refers to the union of all these avatars of lord shiva.

Panchvaktra Temple is a protected monument under the Archaeological Survey of India. When this temple was constructed, that fact is still unknown to people. However, it was restored when Sidh Sen’s ruled during the 18th century. Stone carvings and four tall pillars still amuse the visitors. During the Maha Shivratri Festival, Hindu devotees and religious people flock to seek blessings annually.

Famous For: Maha Shivratri Festival where a huge number of pilgrims come.

Alternate Names: Panchbaktra Temple, Varanasi of Hills, and Kashi of Himachal. 

Opening Timings: 6:00 A.M – 6 P.M

Ideal Time to Explore: 1 hour

Best time to visit: Between April and June

How to reach: take buses or a cab from Mandi bus station. You can go for walk. 

Things to do: Trekking, praying, and Photography.

Shikari Devi

Temple Shikari Devi Temple is an open temple dedicated to the Goddess of Hills. It is located at a height of 2850 m above sea level. This roofless Hindu temple is a paradise for nature lovers to get a spectacular view. Shikari Mata Mandir is a sacred shrine dedicated to Shikari Devi. It is filled with fresh floras, misty clouds, medicinal herbs, and beautiful flowers. This major tourist attraction looks spectacular surrounded by the hills and snow-capped mountains. As per historical facts, this temple has the oldest architecture and is believed to have existed during the return of Pandavas.

Besides that, the Shikari Devi Temple Mandi is one of the best places to visit in Mandi from where you can admire the Himalayas. You can have fun visiting the Shikari Devi Sanctuary located near the temple only. The place is a natural habitat for black bears, barking deer, musk deer, and Monal. It is home to many trekking places, covered with a dense layer of soothing floras.

Famous For: hilly areas, sightseeings, and campings

Opening Timings: 6:00 A.M – 6:00 P.M

Ideal Time to Explore: 2 hours

Best time to visit: Between April and October.

How to reach: take buses or a cab from Mandi bus station. You can go for walk. 

Things to do: Trekking, praying, and Photography.

These hidden places in Mandi are calling you to escape the city’s life for a few days. Enjoy a calm and exciting trip on the lap of the Himalayas. If you are planning to travel to Kullu, Mandi is must-visit tourist attraction with your friend/family. It is the right time to plan a summer trip to Mandi right away!


Is Mandi Worth Visiting?

Mandi is a top tourist destination to visit during your trip to Himachal Pradesh. It is a worth visiting place for nature lovers and trekkers. This Mandi district is admired for its beauty and scenic view. You can have fun in trekking and take an adventure trip with friends.

How can I reach Mandi by Air?

Traveling by Air is the most convenient way to reach Mandi. It is at the distance of 214 KM and takes around 6 hours to the Mandi Airport. Chandigarh is well-connected with non-stop flights from Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. You can take direct flights from Chennai and Kolkata.

What should I shop at Mandi?

Mandi is famous for its local handicrafts like rugs & carpets, stone & metalwork, leather chappals, and more. If you love to shop, don’t forget to visit shops selling from wooden crafts to traditional jewelry of Himachal Pradesh. You can buy them as handmade gifts and take them back home as souvenirs.

Does it Snowfall in Mandi?

In winters, you can visit this place to witness the white hills covered with snowfalls. Summer steps in March and continues till May. Summer temperatures remain moderate at the highest 35 degrees at a time.

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