Tourism in Arunachal Pradesh

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Tourism in Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh, a serene land tucked into the North Eastern tip of India, invites you to relax in its picturesque hills and valleys, enjoy its salubrious climate and meet its simple and hospitable people, with their glorious heritage of arts and crafts and colourful festivals that reflect their ancient faith in the inexorable power of nature. A wide variety of options to pick from.

There are places of worship and pilgrimage such as Parasuramkund and 400 years old Tawang Monastery, or the sites of archaeological excavations like Malinithan and Itanagar, the serene beauty of lakes such as Ganga lake or Sela lake or the numerous variations snowclad silver mountain peaks and lush green meadows where thousands of species of flora and fauna prosper. In addition, the state provides abundant scope for angling, boating, rafting, trekking and hiking. Besides, there are a number of wildlife sanctuaries and national parks where rare animals, birds and plants will fascinate the visitor.

It is approximately 2085 sq. km. bordered by Tibet in the North, Bhutan in the South- West and Sela ranges separate West Kameng district in the East.


The name TAWANG derives from some bearings on surroundings. But people’s interpretation is that the name TAWANG was given by Mera Lama in the 17th century. One can reach Tawang from other parts of the country via Guwahati and Tezpur in Assam. From Guwahati(Assam) or Tezpur(Assam), one has to go to Bhalukpong in West Kameng district of Arunachal Pradesh and from there via Bomdila and Sela Pass one can go to Tawang by road.

Arunachal Pradesh districts are all of Monpa tribes except Shyo village which is dominated by people of Tibetian origin. The Monpas belong to Mongoloid stock. They are well built, fair in complexion. Their houses are built with stones and timbers. Agriculture and Animal Husbandry are the fundamental means of the Monpas.

Tawang Monastery

One of the most important element in the Social and Religious life of the Monpas. This Monastery is known as “GALDEN NAMGYAL LHATSE”.

It is one of the largest Lamaseries of the Mahayana sect in Asia. Lamseries comprise of several sections ranging near about four hundred years, devoted to Love, Learning and Purity of thought. It covers an area of 135 sq. meters enclosed by a compound wall of 610 meters long. Within the complex, there are 65 residential buildings and 10 other structures. The library have valuable old scriptures mainly Kanjur and Tanjur numbering 850 bundles. It is dated back to the 17th century A.D.

Religious festivals of the Monpas viz “LOSAR” and “TORGYA”. Both festivals are celebrated once annually. The LOSAR s celebrated to the commencement of New year. Every third year of Torgya, the festival of Dungyur is celebrated. Both “Dungyur and Torgya” festivals are celebrated at the premises of the Tawang Monastery with traditional gaiety and enthusiasm.

Pankang Teng Tso lake

There are quite a no. of lakes around Tawang. One is Pankang Teng Tso (P.T. Tso ) lake. It is fetching heaven for tourist only 17 KM away from maddening crowd of a township. It is a beautiful natural site and provides tourists a lucky chance for deep communion with nature. Other eye-catching lakes are Sangetser lake, Banggachang lake.

  • When to Visit: April to October.
  • How to reach: By bus from Tezpur(Assam) or Bomdila
  • Where to Stay: Circuit House, Inspection Bungalow, Hotel Nichu, Hotel Shangrila.
  • Clothing: Warm clothing throughout the year
  • Nearest Airport: Tezpur(Assam).
  • Nearest Bus Stand: Bomdila.
  • Nearest Railway Stn: Rangapara(Assam).


Itanagar has been the capital of Arunachal Pradesh since 20th April 1974. Itanagar is situated at the foothills. The township is situated at 350 metres above mean sea level. It comes administratively under the Papumpare district. The Nishis or Nishings is the major tribe in Itanagar area.

However, Itanagar can be called mini India, as people from all over the country, live here in harmony. As a capital town, Itanagar is well connected with the rest of the country by road and air communications. Pawan Hans provides helicopter service between Guwahati and Naharlagun(Itanagar). Deluxe buses are available from Guwahati.

Itanagar is the capital of India’s largest North-Eastern state. Here one can find historical fort called Itafort, dating back to the 14-15 centuries, after which it is named. The capital houses the Rajbhawan, the official residence of the Governor has also many worths visiting places in and around Itanagar.

Ganga Lake

These include legendary Ganga Lake (Gyakar Sinyi). It is a beautiful picnic spot, 6 km away from Itanagar, a green forest lake surrounded by primeval vegetation, orchids masses on tall trees, tree ferns provide a small taste of the magnificent forests of the state.

Buddhist Temple

Consecrated by the Dalai Lama, the Buddhist temple, a beautiful yellow roofed shrine reflects the extensive Tibetan influence and provides good views of Itanagar and the surrounding countryside.


Located in the Changlang district, Namdapha is famous for its wildlife sanctuary, which has been declared as a national park. It is a few kilometres away from Miao. The predators include the tiger, leopard, the rare snow leopard and clouded leopard in the higher reaches of the hills. The white winged wood duck a rare and endangered species, has been sheltered in the park.

A number if primate species are seen in the park, such as Assamese macaque, pig-tailed macaque and the distinctive hoolock gibbon, Hornbills, jungle fowl and pheasnats flap their noisy way through the jungle, which harbours other colourful bird species. The inaccessibility of the greater part of the park has helped to keep the forests in their pristine state.

  • When to visit: During the period, October to April.
  • How to reach: By Jeep and Gypsy from Miao
  • Where to stay At Miao: Inspection Bunglow, Tourist Lodge,
    Circuit House (Contact Extra Asstt. Commissioner)
    At Namdapha : Inspection Bunglow
  • Nearest Airport: Mohanbari (Dibrugarh, Assam)
  • Nearest Bus Stand: Margherita( Tinsukia, Assam).
  • Nearest Railway Stn: Margherita( Tinsukia, Assam).
  • What to see: Namdapha National Park.


It is a small town situated at a height of about 8000 ft. above sea level from where one can see the brilliant landscape and snow-clad mountains of the Himalayan Range. The Buddhist monastery of Bomdila is the repository of culture and is among primary attractions of the area. It is the headquarters of West Kameng district located at the height of 8500 ft above sea level. It has a lot of attractions for the tourists with its cool climate, Apple orchards, artistic people, snow-capped Himalayan peaks and Buddhist Gompas.

The Buddhist monastery of Bomdila is the repository of culture. This place has a tourist lodge, a craft centre displaying local crafts and a shopping centre where the visitors gets first to feel of the local version of Himalayan Buddhist life.

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