Types of Tourism: Based on Nationality, Duration, Number of Tourists & Classification

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What are Types of Tourism?

Tourism is a multipurpose business and it is divided in various ways. Tourism is divided on the basis of the number of tourists, duration of tourism, season, and type of tourism.

There are other supports of tourism such as the attraction of tourist place, expenditure of tour, stage of the tour etc. So tourism is classified in various ways Tour planning is essential in the development of tourism.

Development of tourist centers, supply of facilities for tourism, the search of new tourist places, and development of tourism are important factors. In developed countries and developing countries nature of tourism and its problems, nature of tourism is different.

Therefore in these two groups of countries, there is a basic difference in the development of tourism. Development of tourism depends on the marketing of tourism, production in this business, and also the nature of service is different from other industrial production and marketing.

Classification of Tourism

Tourism can be classified on various grounds e.g. number of tourists, duration of tourism, the field of tourism, the purpose of tourism, etc. Major types of tourism are given below:

Tourism on the Basis of Nationality:

  1. Domestic Tourism
  2. Foreign Tourism

Domestic Tourism

In this type, people travel in their own country away from their residence. Internal traveling is easy for them because there is no language problem. Obstacles like visa and other documents, the currency of that country which is required for foreign tours are not required for domestic tours.

Foreign Tourism

Foreign tourism means traveling and staying in other countries instead of their own countries. In a technical view, a country has an independent political and economic administrative system. In this tourism visa and other requirements of documents are fulfilled.

Exchange should be taken of that country. Medical documents and other requirements should be fulfilled. So this tour is more pre-prepared than other tourism. An the economical system of the nation, this tourism is taken seriously because foreign tourism provides valuable foreign exchange.

The difference between domestic and foreign tourism is more practical. Like earlier problems of language, exchange of money & difficulty in customs, etc. is not serious problems. People can go far to another country far from their country by fulfilling the necessary requirement of documents.

Between developed and developing countries there is no special difference in the view of tourism, as a result, the difference between domestic & foreign tourism has been vanishing.

Types of Tourism According to Duration

Following is the types of tourism according to duration and traveling time:

  1. Long Term Tourism
  2. Short Term Tourism
  3. Educational Tourism

Long Term Tourism

In this type duration of tourism can be long, it could be a few weeks or several months. Tourists can travel and halt in several countries due to the availability of facilities of fast transport.

Short Term Tourism

The duration of this type of tourism is one week to ten days short period. Those tourists who do not go for long-term tourism plan to go for short-term tourism.

Educational Tourism

In this type of tourism, a halt is not expected. This tourism may be for a day. It can be domestic or international tourism. The duration of this tourism is less than 24 hours so that there is no requirement of the provision of halt.

Accommodation is provided by the organizers. During traveling, things can be purchased in this tourism e.g. attending conferences and workshops.

Types of Tourism According to Attraction of the Host Destination

The tourists have the different attraction of the different tourist places some of the types are as follow:

  1. Recreational Tourism
  2. Leisure Tourism
  3. Sports tourism
  4. Business of Technical Tourism

Recreational Tourism

Recreation and entertainment are the first purposes of tourism. The people are bored with their routine and daily work. They want to change the dullness of the mind. They throw away their worries and start their work with a refreshed mind.

This change is done in tourism of this type, Tourists spend time in the hotels and enjoy. Some of the tourists choose the silent seashores or hill stations for their recreation. These tourists certainly choose good places where fresh air is available.

Shri. Atnadupsingh writes that the present trend is that this tourism is famous among the learned people and intellectual workers. At these places the people try to know the art, history, folklife traditions, customs, and natural entertainment, etc., sometimes this tourism is called as Cultural Tourism.

Leisure Tourism

This tourism has various purposes. These tourists have different ways to derive pleasures, from such as different climates, different natural beauty, to rest at a remote place to observe tribal dances to see new things and to derive new experiences.

The tourists wish to spend their time at quiet places and away from their daily routine works and locality. These tourists go to calm places to get a quiet atmosphere away from their daily busy life, crowded streets, and house.

The main purpose of this tourism is to spend some time quietly and freely away from their usual daily work. In this tourism, tourists possibly roam to see beaches & waterfalls.

Sports tourism

Tourism is also a group process like a visit to the sports field, Of course in these two fields excellent guidance and right planning is required, otherwise, development of both is impossible. The development of sports is one of the main purposes of tourism.

Swimming, sports competitions hunting, fishing, etc. sports are inspired due to tourism. Across the world, tourists crowd at the sports places during Olympic competition, skating, football competition, Wimbolden tennis competition, Hockey and boxing competition besides above sports-type maintaining horse riding, boat rowing, cricket, etc like these there are hundreds of sports competitions.

Countries that are inspired due to tourism arrangements develop sports fields. They get benefits from tourism development. Tourism is a good inspiration to sports organizers.

Business of Technical Tourism

According to some economists and sociologists traveling done by professional people cannot be considered as tourism because the business view is more important than the self wish. It lacks entertainment, a recreation which is rest, etc. its aim of tourism.

In the professional traveling business, people have no freedom of fixing tourist places. Even they have no personal traveling freedom, They do not get the joy of staying. Business tourism is not considered as good tourism as they have no freedom.

In business tourism, many business people have to travel for business and visit exhibitions, fairs which are included in it. Whenever business tourists get time like other tourists they spend their time for enjoyment and recreation.

Types of Tourism According to Number of Tourists

These are types of tourism according to number of tourists discussed below:

  1. Individual Tourism
  2. Group Tourism

Individual Tourism

Individual tourism consists of one person or family of tourists. They go to a fixed place. They decide themselves their programs and change whenever they want, that is in this type of tourism the tourist or his family plan a fixed route of the journey and also their halting-place.

In this tourism a tourist himself decides the journey, stay arrangements and other things and in this regard, he visits the hotel owners or takes the help of others and tries to get facilities and gets the guarantee of it. This type of tourism is called individual tourism.

Group Tourism

Sometimes group tourism is called united tourism. In this type, a group of people participate in the package organized by the organizers and gives expenses that are fixed. Tourists have no freedom as the organizer has decided in advance the tourist’s places, halting places, means of transport, etc, earlier and tourists have to do nothing.

In this type, all programs are arranged by the organizer. Tourists have no place in planning it. In this type, all services, meal recreation, etc. are provided by the organizer.

Nature of Tourism

According to Dr. W. Hunzikar in social tourism probably people having less income have their accommodation, meal, transport arrangement different from high-income people so social tourism is clearly different from other types of tourism.

Features of the nature of tourism as social tourism are as follows:

  1. Limited Income
  2. Subsidy Tourism
  3. External Tourism
  4. Cultural Tourism

Limited Income

Tourists in social tourism are people having less income, laborers; businesspeople having less income, etc. They cannot spend more money on meals and dwellings due to limited income.

Subsidy Tourism

Tourists who have the wish for tourism but are unable to bear the expenses. Their expenditure is provided by the organizer, clubs, social organizer, local Govt. etc. Employers provide subsidies to their employees.

External Tourism

In external tourism, tourists go away from their place of residence. This Type of tourism depends upon the season.

Cultural Tourism

In this type, people can understand mutual lifestyle and thoughts. Information about individual and international relations can be available. So tourism is an important means of international exchange of thoughts.

Information of culture, history, arts, sculpture, tradition, custom, thoughts festivals is obtained through cultural tourism. Various aspects of culture eg: diet variation, language, hospitality methods, industrial development, handicrafts are included in cultural tourism.

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