Best Hostels in Varkala (June 2024)

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To begin with, it is inaccurate to say Varkala isn’t one of the most sought after tourist places in South India. To say, it’s a hidden gem makes much more sense. Tourists from all over the world, especially backpackers and nomads are discovering the beauty of this cosy hamlet in Kerala.

Varkala is located in the capital city of Thiruvananthapuram. The popularity of Varkala amidst vacationers and tourists have paved the way for hotels and resorts to come up with elegant and luxurious stays.

However, young nomads or backpackers need not worry as Varkala is also home to ample of hostels. Read further for more details. In this article, we will talk about the place and also Best Hostels in Varkala.

Factors while choosing Varkala’s Best Hostel

Choosing a hostel is not as easy as a hotel or a homestay. In my many years of travel experience, I have learned that it’s only the basic and simple factors that help us choose the right hostel. There are a couple of things to consider while selecting the best hostel.

Here are the 4 major factors to consider when picking the best hostel in Varkala:


Even the best hostel in Varkala is easy on our pockets. It is ideal for solo travellers and for the ones who are on a workcation.

With various hostels to choose from, hostels in Varkala range from anywhere between ₹499 to ₹699 for dorms and mixed dorms.

The same might go up to ₹749 to ₹799 per night during weekends. If it’s a private room that you are looking for, then be prepared to spend somewhere around ₹1499 to ₹2499. These factors depend upon the time of the trip and availability.


Varkala is nestled comfortably in the lap of the majestic Arabian Sea. Nicknamed the “Pearl of the Arabian Sea”, Varkala is growing popular among tourists and backpackers at an impressive rate. Even though this tiny hamlet is visited mostly during the months of winter, summer and rainy seasons are equally welcoming.


Like hostels in any other city, Hostels in Varkala provide free Wi-Fi facilities as well. To top that, almost every hostel has a café and a common area where people socialise. Another peculiar feature of Best hostels in Varkala is the view that they provide.


The perks of visiting Varkala is that the locals are warm and welcoming as they are used to hosting tourists all their life. The same reflects on the hostel staff as well. Hostels in Varkala have locals and outsiders as their staff. Hence, undoubtedly, you get a welcoming atmosphere.

5 Best Hostels in Varkala

Overall Best Hostel in Varkala –  Zostel Varkala

Zostel is a leading and arguably the most popular hostel chain in India. A brand in itself, Zostel has one of its best franchises in Varkala. Just head to their Google reviews to find comments about how different Zostel Varkala is than the other hostel facilities, especially in Kerala. Whether you are a solo traveller, a Digital Nomad, a couple, or a vacationer, Zostel Varkala is there to host you.

Located right opposite the great Arabian Sea, no words can describe the view from the rooftop. Accompanied by a café, the rooftop switches to a party place after sundown. Zostel Varkala has high-speed Wi-Fi for working travellers.

The hospitality is top-notch and the guests can experience many activities like surfing, boating, kayaking among others. Being a part of a reputed and responsible hostel chain, some policies might make Zostel Varkala look strict. Apart from that, in my opinion, it is a 5/5 and undoubtedly the overall best hostel in Varkala.

Zostel Varkala at a glance

  • ₹₹
  • Room Types Offered: 6-Bed Mixed Dorm, Private Rooms
  • Food Info: Restaurant, Breakfast, Vegetarian Friendly, Multi-cuisine

Best Hostel in Varkala for Solo Travellers – Cliff & Coral

Before heading out on a solo trip, there are a few things we check for. Thankfully, almost all such boxes could be ticked while choosing Cliff & Coral. At Cliff & Coral, you will be hosted at a century-old heritage mansion. The place radiates a chill vibe, exactly what a solo traveller yearns for the most. In addition, this backpackers hostel in Varkala has got ample open space with a café and lounge space. Also, it is a pet-friendly location.

Your in-between work breaks can be enjoyed at the open terrace or the yoga shed. The positive side of this hostel is the friendly staff and the vibe where strangers come together to be friends. A common WhatsApp group helps solo travellers plan group activities and outings. The downside of this hostel is that it tends to get expensive during peak times and thus is unable to keep up with the competition from other hostels in the vicinity.

Cliff & Coral at a glance

  • ₹₹
  • Room Types Offered: 8/6/4 Mixed Dorm, Female Dorm, Double/Family Room 
  • Food Info: Restaurant, Snack Bar, Diet Meals.

Best Hostel in Varkala for couples – Piggy Hostel

Piggy Hostel is a budget hostel in Varkala and a haven among couples. This property doesn’t boast many varieties of rooms and hence, is often relatively peaceful. Making it an ideal hostel for couples. Piggy Hostel welcomes you to a homely feeling. It is a traditional villa from Kerala that is converted into a hostel. The neatly arranged setting gives this budget stay an elegant look.

The neatly arranged tables facilitate for you to have a nice meal in a peaceful setting and also provides the perfect opportunity to socialise with fellow travellers. Piggy Hostel provides two time slots for you to choose from. Thus, you can say goodbye to the worries of late check-in and early check out. Piggy Hostel is nestled on the cliff, a prime spot in Varkala.

The only downside of this hostel has to be the size of its dorms. Rest, it’s an absolute go-go.

Piggy Hostel at a glance

  • ₹₹
  • Room Types Offered: 6-Bed Mixed Dorm, Superior Double Room, Cottage
  • Food Info: Restaurant, Breakfast, Vegetarian Friendly

Best Party Hostel in Varkala – The Lost Hostel

Got a thing for live music and singing along with a gang at the top of your voice? Well, surely The Lost Hostel is your place. Talk about having a captivating view of the sea and the rocky cliff while vibing with fun-loving strangers, that’s The Lost Hostel for you. This small but cosy hostel comes to life mostly during sundown and goes until sleeplessness knocks each one out.

The Lost Hostel is located close to the Helipad, a prime spot in Varkala’s tourist-rich area. If your goal is to check out places to see in Varkala during the day and seek shelter under the party vibe by evening then, don’t think twice, just book your place at this hostel already.

You for sure would be fortunate enough to find a group of musicians as fellow hostellers. As a downside, the staff wouldn’t seem as welcoming as it is usually at a backpacking hostel. If you are least bothered by it then no worries at all.

Lost Hostel at a glance

  • ₹₹
  • Room Types Offered: 6-Bed Mixed Dorm, Standard/Deluxe Double Room, Double Room with Balcony and Sea View
  • Food Info: Communal Kitchen

Best Hostel for Digital Nomads in Varkala – Hostel EXP

Post-COVID era, we have been introduced to a new form of vacation that combines with work that’s lovingly called WORKCATION. Colloquially referred to as Digital Nomads, this category of working travellers often prefer working in a different setting that is certainly not their office cubicle or the familiar walls of their bedroom. A place with a good view and of course, decent Wi-Fi is all they need.

If you are on a lookout for such amenities and happen to be in Varkala then just head to Hostel EXP. Decorated with a nice garden, an open terrace and comfortable dorms, Hostel EXP is one of the popular hostels in Varkala for Digital Nomads. Considering the location, the facilities, staff and the fellow travellers, there are only positive points about this hostel.

Hostel EXP at a glance

  • ₹₹
  • Room Types Offered: 6-Bed Mixed Dorm, 4-Bed Female Dorm, Deluxe Queen Room
  • Shared Kitchen

Varkala can be tipped to be Kerala’s party paradise. A few years back, Varkala wasn’t a destination that would make it into many travellers’ lists. However, the present scenario is totally different. This peaceful hamlet has made tourism in Kerala a whole different ball game.

Kerala tourism is otherwise known to provide picturesque and peaceful places. But, as mentioned above, the party vibe of Varkala is changing the face of tourism over here. Many tourists whom I met during my travelling days were repeaters who came back to Varkala after having left half-heartedly the first time.


What are the famous places to visit in Varkala?

Varkala is a tourist hotspot in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. From beaches, and historically and religiously significant places to adventure sports and massive sculptures, Varkala has it all. Jatayu Centre, Munroe Island, Mangrove Island, Black Beach, Kappil Beach among others are a few of the top tourist places in Varkala.

How much money is enough for Varkala?

As compared to any other backpacking or tourist location, Varkala is a relatively cheaper destination. The food, activities and basic expenses are all pocket-friendly. The presence of many backpacker hostels in Varkala facilitates one to cut the cost by manifolds. The only major expense would be travelling around the place.

In short, a budget of ₹10,000 to ₹15,000 should be enough for a full-fledged trip in Varkala for a solo traveller for a week.

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