Tourist Places to Visit in Telangana (2024)

Owing most of its area to the Deccan Plateau and dense forest stands this fairly new state called Telangana to the south of India. Telangana has 33 districts and shares its borders with Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh. Telangana was separated from Andhra Pradesh in 2014. The state boasts a rich history as it has been home to numerous powerful dynasties of ancient India.

The region was the hub of Mughals during the 16th and 17th centuries. Prior to that, Telangana was ruled by Mauryas, Satavahanas, Cholas, Delhi Sultanate and many others. The city was one of the most flourishing during that era and glimpses of its rich past can be found even today.

Telangana is one of the popular states in South India due to its cultural and religious history. If visiting this state is on your cards then do check out places to visit in Telangana right below.

10 Places to Visit in Telangana

  1. Hyderabad
  2. Warangal
  3. Karimnagar
  4. Nizamabad
  5. Adilabad
  6. Nalgonda
  7. Jagtial
  8. Khammam
  9. Mahbubnagar
  10. Ramagundam


Charminar Hyderabad

Once the capital of Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad, now serves the same role for the state of Telangana. It is one of the most popular cities in India and attracts visitors and migrants on an equal basis. The city was established by Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah during the late 16th century. Hyderabad thrived under the rule of the Qutb Shahi dynasty of Golkonda and later, the Mughals.

The city is filled with Mughal-inspired architecture, artisans and world-famous cuisine. Hyderabadi biryani is a certain addition to the travellers’ itinerary before visiting this city. Nicknamed “City of Pearls”, Hyderabad was the only trading centre of Golconda Diamonds in the world. The city is also home to numerous bazaars and multinational companies. It is one of the popular places to visit in Telangana.

Best Time to Visit: September to March

Major Attractions: Charminar, Golconda Fort, Hyderabadi Biryani

Ideal duration to explore: 2-4 days

Things to do: Relish local cuisine, Explore Indo-Mughal architecture


Warangal, the fifth largest city in Telangana can be another addition to your list of places to see in Telangana. Dotted with enthralling historical sites and natural beauty, Warangal will take you back to the era of royalty. Warangal’s scenic beauty is credited to be one of the best in the state of Telangana. While Pakhal Lake is the most renowned attraction, the city’s wildlife sanctuaries are certainly worth your time.

Warangal is one of the cities in India that is gaining popularity on a steady basis. The presence of the National Institute of Technology (NIT) has made this city a popular student hub. The cultural roots of Warangal go back as early as the 12th century. Warangal served as the capital of the Kakatiya dynasty and thus, the city’s astonishing architecture comes as no surprise. Warangal’s tourism thrived due to Kakatiya monuments that include fortresses, lakes, temples and stone gateways. Warangal is dubbed the cultural capital of Telangana.

Best Time to Visit: September – April

Major Attractions: Pakhal Lake

Ideal duration to explore: 1-2 days

Things to do: Nature exploration, Wildlife spotting


Karimnagar brims with the history of the Mughals. This flourishing city is situated 164 kilometres away from the state capital. Home to enchanting architecture and rich history, Karimnagar is a perfect example of Telugu-Persian cultural amalgamation. If you are keen on knowing India from the ancient era, then visiting Karimnagar should be a part of your things to do in Telangana.

Karimnagar is nicknamed “The City of Granites” and thrived under the rule of the Nizams of Hyderabad. Karimnagar is located on the banks of the Manair River. The famous attractions within the city include the Crocodile Conservation Park, Mathani Reserve Forest, the Deer Park, Elagandal Fort and the Mallareddypet Waterfalls. There is a wide variety of activities and sightseeing to choose from.

Best Time to Visit: October to March

Major Attractions: Crocodile Conservation Park, Mathani Reserve Forest, the Deer Park, Elagandal Fort

Ideal duration to explore: 2-3 days

Things to do: Wildlife spotting


Just as its name, Nizamabad is nothing but royalty in every way possible! Nicknamed — the City of Nizams, Nizamabad derived its name from “Nizam” and “Abad”, meaning “Long Live the Nizam of Hyderabad”. The city’s pleasant climate makes it one of the ideal tourist destinations in Telangana. Nizamabad experiences low rainfall and less humidity and thus can be visited any time of the year.

Nizamabad Fort is a favourite spot among tourists in the city. This 10th-century fortification was built by Rashtrakuta Kings. Another famous tourist spot within the city is the Archaeological and Heritage Museum which houses artefacts that stand as evidence of human civilization from the Stone Age to the Vijayanagara Empire era. The city has a plethora of heritage sites to satisfy the history buff within you.

Best Time to Visit: November to February

Major Attractions: Nizamabad Fort

Ideal duration to explore: 1 day

Things to do: Visit historical sites


The small town of Adilabad is known for its scenic beauty. Visit Adilabad to gain first-hand experience of post-card views. Popularly referred to as the “White Gold City”, Adilabad is a haven for nature-lovers and shutterbugs. The thick and lush green canopy is home to countless flora and fauna. You can find serene waterfalls hidden deep within the forest and ready to be explored.

The Kuntala Waterfalls is the most famous waterfall in Adilabad. It stunningly overlooks the Sahyadri ranges. Other popular cascades include Pochera and Gayatri falls. Do not miss out on paying a visit to Kawal or Shivram Wildlife Sanctuaries. The town is also dotted with religiously significant places.

Adilabad was once a major hub during the rule of many dynasties and thus one can find relics dating to ancient times even today. Tourists can buy souvenirs like bamboo handicrafts, wooden carvings etc on their way back. Thus, making Adilabad one of the places to visit in Telangana for shopping.

Best Time to Visit: November to March

Major Attractions: Kuntala Waterfalls

Ideal duration to explore: 1 day

Things to do: Shopping, Photography, Trekking, Camping


Just like any other city in Telangana, Nalgonda has its share of contributions to the rich cultural heritage of India. A bunch of studies and excavations suggest Nalgonda is one of the oldest cities in the world. Evidence from Paleolithic Age and Neolithic Age could be found here. The name of the city literally translates to Black (Nalla) Hills (Konda). The city was governed by various Hindu and Muslim rulers in its history.

As a result, Nalgonda is diverse in religious culture and traditions even today. Many flourishing kingdoms and dynasties called Nalgonda once their home. The glorious past from the yesteryears could be felt even today within the city of Nalgonda. With a plethora of religious sites to choose from, make sure you visit Maruthi Mandir and Kolanupaka Temple. Nalgonda is one of the popular tourist spots in Telangana.

Best Time to Visit: November to February

Major Attractions: Maruthi Mandir and Kolanupaka Temple

Ideal duration to explore: 1-2 days

Things to do: Visit ancient temples and forts.


Jagtial was once a part of the Karimnagar district. The district of Jagtial lies in the path of the mighty Godavari River. The same has paved the way for a major dam project and of course, an increase in tourism. Visit Jagtial to find monuments of historic and archaeological significance. Sri MallikarjunaSwamy Temple at Odela and Sri Varahaswami temple at Kamanpur Mandal are two of the most religious shrines in Jagtial.

Jagtial radiates scenic beauty through its hills, valleys and water springs. One can find many ancient caves, forts and temples while in Jagtial. During the era of kingship, Telangana was constantly under siege attempts due to its glory. The same had urged the state to have many defensive fortifications and Jagtial hosts numerous of them. Jagtial is a hidden gem and should be added to the list of your places to visit in Telangana.

Best Time to Visit: November to February

Major Attractions: Sri MallikarjunaSwamy Temple, Sri Varahaswami temple

Ideal duration to explore: 1 day

Things to do: Visit forts and temples


Khammam is yet another important and famous city in Telangana. It is located about 200 kilometres away from the state capital, Hyderabad. Khammam is a historically significant city which could fill you in on a lot of tiny details about India’s fight for freedom. The city is dotted with cultural landmarks with the Khammam Fort being the most popular one.

Khammam is also home to the legendary Narsimhadri temple which is believed to be over 1.6 million years old. This renowned temple is perched upon a hilltop and has a vertical rock right beneath it, acting as a pillar or a ‘Khamba’. The city credits its name to this pillar or ‘Khamba’. Khammam is one of the must-visit tourist destinations in Telangana.

Best Time to Visit: October to March

Major Attractions: Narsimhadri temple

Ideal duration to explore: 1 day

Things to do: Worship


Mahbubnagar, aka, Palamuru or Rukmammapeta, is situated on the western side of the state. Just like other major cities in Telangana, Mahbubnagar too boasts massive cultural significance. With an array of ancient forts, religious sites and tombs within its borders, visiting Mahbubnagar can be an incredible educational experience. Make sure you spare a day to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Mahbubnagar.

Pillalamarri, the 700-year-old banyan tree in Mahbubnagar is a popular attraction in Telangana. The branches of the tree are spread over 3-acres of the area and are a favourite among Instagrammers. The tomb of a Muslim saint under these branches is equally famous among tourists. Mahbubnagar is an ideal spot for nature and history buffs.

Best Time to Visit: November to March

Major Attractions: Pillalamarri – the 700-year-old banyan tree

Ideal duration to explore: 1 day

Things to do: Learn about ancient culture in India


The city of Ramagundam peacefully nestles by the banks of the Godavari River. It is a popular and also the sixth most populous city in Telangana. Ramagundam experiences extreme climatic conditions and thus winter is the ideal time to visit this city. If you have a strong threshold for summers, then you can also consider a summer trip to Ramagundam.

Most of the city’s tourism revolves around the Godavari River. Take a river cruise and experience the blissful river of the Godavari from a completely different perspective. Make sure you hire the cruise in the evening to witness the mesmerising view of the orange sun shimmering on the waters of this mighty river. The serenity over here makes Ramagundam one of the most famous places in Telangana.

Best Time to Visit: October to March

Major Attractions: Godavari River

Ideal duration to explore: 1 day

Things to do: River Cruise

Telangana is your gateway to learn and explore more about India as the golden bird that it once was. The state’s architecture marvels and geographical and cultural diversity is certain to swoon you. A major and prominent part of Telangana can be covered within a week. However, for the same, one would need a planned itinerary. We hope this article helps you curate the places as per your interest.


What places are famous in Telangana?

Telangana has an endless variety of places to choose from. If you are compiling a list of places to visit in Andhra Pradesh then Telangana should certainly be at the top. Apart from the famous film studio — Ramoji Rao Film Studio, there are many temples, forts, lakes, dams and heritage sites to choose from.

Which is the most beautiful district in Telangana?

Telangana is dotted with ancient caves, temples and forts. The entire state is home to cities of cultural heritage. However, the district of Adilabad is one of the most picturesque locations in Telangana. Adilabad is encompassed by thick forests, waterfalls and lakes.

What is Telangana state famous for?

The state owes its fame to its affluent past. Telangana has served as a hub to countless dynasties and thus the footprints of its royalty can be found even today. The state boasts a mix of modern and ancient architecture and cultural harmony. Apart from that, Telangana is also one of the fastest-growing cities in India with quality education, the standard of living and job opportunities.

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