Natural Heritage of Kerala

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Kerala is a state which is famous for it’s marvellous natural beauty the nature has conceived all it’s attributes in it’s lap.It is popularly known as the God’s own country. From the time immemorial man is always attracted towards the nature. it has been observed that there is a good mechanism between the human and nature. So Kerala is not a exception of it.

Kerala is such a state which caters the needs of almost all sorts of tourists such as nature lovers, wildlife photographers, adventurares, historians, trekkers, pilgrims etc. It is the paradise of earth.

It has an array of attractions from the virgin beach to it’s back waters, the house boat, hill-station, ayurvedic centre, national park, biosphere reserve, tiger safari, elephant safari, fairs and from the festivals to it’s classical dances and many more.

Alleppy Backwater

Alleppy is a place adorned with scenic beauty such as beach,back waters, canals and lagoons, it was considered as the ‘Venice of the East’ by Lord Curzon. Backwater of Alleppey is quite renowned almost all over the world and is the most distinguished tourist attraction of Kerala.

A houseboat cruise in the backwaters always gives an exotic experience to the tourists.The other allaying attractions of this area are Sri Krishna Temple, Edathua Church, Champakulam Valia Palli, Krishnapuram Alappuzha which attract millions of tourist to Kerala in every year both domestic and international.


Munnar is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful hill stations of India situated at 1600 m above from the sea level. The amazing beauty of Munnar gives the blissful feeling of joy to the tourists. Once it was the summer resort of the Britishers.It is filled with coffee and tea plants. The other attractions are the waterfalls, trekking paths, the Indo Swiss dairy farm project, the palatial buildings and cute cottages add more glamour to this place.


Thekkady happens to be the most beautiful place of Kerala.It has a wide range of attractions like viewing wild lifes such as tigers,elephants, bisons,deers, boars,lions and varieties of birds, boating and trkkings. Spending time in the resort which is in the heart of the lake is an exotic experience is the best place to observe the wild animals.


Wayanad itself shows how marvellously the nature has decorated herself.The the word Waynade is derived from the word Vayal nadu, Vayal means paddy field and nadu means land interpreted as the land of paddy field..Waynad is full mountains,rocks,danse forests and the residence of many animals.Waynad is an ideal place for the passionate adventurers. It gives an outstanding experience to the tourists.


Kumarkom is a beautiful place situated near the village of Ayemenem is famous for it’s mangrove lagoon,aurvedic treatment, bird watching, boating and mouth watering cuisine.


Verkala is is famous for it’s beautiful beach and ayurvedic resort. The prime attraction of Verkala is Papanasam which is an ideal place to see the sunset and also famous medical tourism.The destination with a small beach and a cliff side which is full of activity. Varkala is famous for its beautiful beaches and the ayurvedic resorts. Varkala is also famous for Medical Tourism. The lengthy sun bathed sandy beach and it’s fresh air along with it’s beautiful resort add more glamour to this place.


Kovalam beach is the most beautiful beach of Kerala. The name of this beach is derived from the coconut. It’s a moon shaped beach. It is known as the paradise of south. The marvellous view of this beach along with it’s light house and mosque is an pleasing experience for the tourists.


Cochin offers an arrey of attractions to the tourists. It specially caters the tourists who are fascinated about culture and art history. Some of the outstanding features of this place are fort kochi Mattacherry palace, Dutch palace on which the entire story of Ramayan has been depicted through the mural paintings, St.Francis church which was the original burial site of Vasko De Gama and it got the credit as the first Europian church built in India, apart from this the beautiful Cheri beach, Thripunithura Palace, St. Thomas church and the Chinise fishing net in the lagoons are the outstanding attractions of Kochin.More over Kochin itself is the shopper’s paradise of Kerala.


This is the capital of Kerala and it is an outstanding destination for many tourist attractions such as Kanakakunnu Palace Padmanabhapuram Palace and Kanakakunnu Palace, beaches like Shankumukha, Varkala, and Azhimala, hill stations like Ponmudi and other attractions like Poovar inside a short distance. Kovalam, one of the most beautiful beaches of the India.

Circuit: A tourist circuit is a chain of destinations located in a region, marketed together to catch attention of perspective tourists. Choice of destinations by policy makers and marketers depend on several factors such as distance, accessibility, nature of attraction and availability of necessary infrastructure etc.

Policy makers chose destination-circuits too for concentrated development of infrastructure with the aim of developing tourism in the region. The famous golden triangle of India Delhi, Agra and Jaipur attract highest number of tourists every year.

Apart from marketing the circuit is developed with integrated infrastructure connecting all the destinations in the circuit. For instance the famous ‘Palace on Wheels’ tourist train connects all the destinations of golden triangle which in itself has become an attraction for tourists.

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