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Auli is famously reckoned as the “Skiing destination of India“, perched at an altitude of 2800 meters above sea levels, abodes mountain ranges of Nanda Devi, Mana Parvat, and Kamat Kamet. This lovely place is an incredible skiing destination in India because of its glittering slopes and clean environment. It is nestled in the midst of the beautiful Garhwal Mountains.

It is endowed with apple orchards, oaks, and deodars. It is an amazing hill town with numerous ski resorts situated amidst the beautiful Himalayan range. It is believed that Shankracharya had enthroned Auli with his visit.

It is situated on the way to ‘Chaar-Dhaam’, this place is also popularly called Dev-Bhoomi due to the various temples nestled over here. Sports competitions are held for visitors which enticed a lot of people. This beautiful place is blessed with picturesque views of the Himalayan mountains that encircle and make it look like an eminent fairytale land where you can enjoy adventure activities.

In the summer, it becomes a place to rejoice in the warm sun and create a rendezvous with nature. It is both exhilarating and alluring, an amalgamation that provides you with an eclectic experience, which will make it a remarkable journey. There are many popular places to visit in Auli that will help to explore its history, culture, art, and lifestyle.

Places to Visit in Auli

Artificial Lake

Artificial Lake is eminent as one of the world’s highest man-made lakes, nestled close to the Clifftop Club private hotel. This gleaming lake had been created to produce synthetic snow for carrying out the skiing activities during a time of less snowfall. The snow produced offers a good and extensive surface for skiing. It is indeed one of the best places to visit in Auli.

Best Time to Visit: December to February

Major Attractions: Synthetic snow

Things to Do: Photography, Skiing


Joshimath is is a quaint hill town perched at an elevation of 6150 feet above sea level. It serves as an important religious tourist destination in Auli. This place is set in proximity to one of the four ‘maths’ dedicated to the holy text of Hindus called Atharva Veda, founded by Guru Shri Shankaracharya in the 8th century.

It lures a large number of tourists to visit this site due to its religious significance, and for the adventure of the ropeway, which offers a picturesque view of Auli. The ropeway connecting Joshimath and Auli is considered the longest ropeway in Asia, and it’s the best place to visit in Auli.

Best Time to Visit: April to November

Major Attractions: Ropeway

Things to Do: Mountain climbing and Trekking

Auli Ski Resort

Skiing in Auli offers picturesque views of peaks of Mt Nanda Devi Kamet and many others. This lovely place is perched at an altitude of 2000 -3000 meters above sea level and has one of the optimum ski slopes in India that make it an ideal tourist spot in Auli for ski-lovers.

It is endowed with beautiful oak and deodar trees alongside the beautiful ski slopes that offer a serene atmosphere. The splendid mountain slopes at the time of snowfall are a gleaming sight to behold, and one can explore the beautiful scenery at this time. It is indeed a great place to visit in Auli.

Best Time to Visit: November to February

Major Attractions: Peaks

Things to Do: Mountain climbing, Trekking, Skiing

Trishul Peak

Trishul peak is perched at the height of 23, 490 ft above sea level is an amazing ski slope. It is one of the eminent spots of India where skiing is professionally practiced. It is nestled at foot of a majestic hill is famously known for Roopkund Lake, which is also called ‘Mystery Lake’ as the skeletons of horses and humans were found in the lake. Trishul peak offers a great serene view from the top and the vivacious charm and the lively surrounding make it an impeccable tourist place in Auli.

Best Time to Visit: November to March

Major Attractions: Roopkund Lake, Nanda Devi Sanctuary

Things to Do: Mountain climbing, Trekking, Skiing

Vanshinarayan Kalpeshwar

Vanshinarayan Kalpeshwar is a pristine and striking valley and abodes a beautiful Kalpeshwar cave. It is well known for its panorama view. The beauty and ambiance around this area are amazing and entices tourists to explore the place for the lush greenery, ski slopes, and beautiful caves. It is indeed a famous place to visit in Auli.

Best Time to Visit: November to March

Major Attractions: Kalpeshwar cave

Things to Do: Mountain climbing, Trekking, Skiing

Gurso Bugyal

Gurso Bugyal is perched at an altitude of 3,056masl above sea level, is a quaint wide meadow in Uttarakhand. It is endowed with lush green pasture land, with giant coniferous and oak trees. This place provides a terrific view of all mountain ranges namely Nanda Devi, Dron, and Trishul. It is indeed a top place to visit in Auli.

Best Time to Visit: November to March

Major Attractions: Meadows

Things to Do: Mountain climbing, Trekking

Auli Ropeway

Auli Ropeway is one of the major tourist attractions in Auli to enjoy a cable car ride. It is famously called Gondola, the cable car ride in Auli is eminent as the second-highest and the longest cable car ride in Asia after Gulmarg.

It is a 4 km ride from Joshimath to Auli and the ropeway offers panorama views of the Himalayas and takes you on a topsy-turvy ride perched at a staggering elevation of 3010 m above sea level, the entire trip is a visual treat and sensual delight. It is indeed a popular place to visit in Auli.

Best Time to Visit: November to March

Opening Hours: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Major Attractions: Cable car ride

Things to Do: Photography


Rudraprayag is nestled at the convergence of two beautiful rivers Alaknanda and Mandakini. It is a holy tourist spot in Auli eminent as one of the Panch Prayag and a place of great religious significance. This quaint town is full of mysterious charm and the spiritual vibes that will relax your senses.

It offers picturesque views and spectacular panoramic vistas, the lovely town boasts of being adored by Mother Nature in its full glory. This place is dedicated to the Hindu deity Lord Shiva who is said to have appeared in this spot in the form of Lord Rudra. It is indeed an impeccable place to visit in Auli.

Best Time to Visit: November to March

Major Attractions: Shrines of Lord Shiva

Things to Do: Photography

Auli, with the abundant greenery, scenic view, beautiful lakes, majestic hills, temples, wildlife, magnificent peaks, and every other tourist attraction is indeed an exquisite place where you can spend a fantastic vacation. The list of amazing places to visit in Auli offers an amazing blend of nature and wildlife, where you can explore the greenery and view the beautiful scenery around you.


What are the famous foods of Auli?

The sumptuous foods of Auli include dals, leafy vegetables, and rice. Kachmauli, Bal Mithai, Singhori.

What is special about Auli?

Auli is famously known as a hiking and ski destination It is dotted with coniferous and oak forests, with a scenic view of the peaks of the Himalayas.

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