Places to visit in Dhanbad (2024)

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Dhanbad is known for its coal mines and industrial establishments and is commonly called “The Coal Capital of India”. It is surrounded by about 112 coal mines with a total production of 27.5 million tonnes and is one of the most important cities in the Indian state of Jharkhand”. The high employment rate is one of the main reasons for the city’s high and dense population. Apart from employment, Dhanbad is also famous for one of the most prestigious engineering colleges known as the Indian Institute of Technology.

Dhanbad is also quite holy to India’s Hindu community, as there are a large number of temples situated over here. Some of the dams situated in Dhanbad are quite popular and fabulous. The city of Dhanbad has a lot of different tourist places that are quite amazing.

Some of the places are examples of mankind’s advancements, while others are a shred of evidence of the area’s natural beauty. There are many famous places to visit in Dhanbad that will help to explore its history, culture, art, and lifestyle.

5 Places to visit in Dhanbad

Maithon Dam

Maithon Dam was established in the year 1957, is one of the largest dams in Jharkhand. The dam is one of the most important underground power stations in the world and was constructed by Damodar Valley Corporation. The dam height is about 165 feet high and 15,712 feet long. The Maithon dam is the first tourist destination in Dhanbad that every tourist visits while exploring it.

The lush green scenery surrounding the dam is magnificent and quite amazing. Many people visit here before sunset as the dam’s backdrop during that time is picturesque. You can also enjoy paddle boating in the waters of river Barakor. You should also explore the hydel power plant situated quite close to the Maithon Dam as it is one of the most effective hydel power plants in Asia. Another interesting tourist spot is the deer park located in the area. The garden is quite amazing and splendid. You will have a great time enjoying yourself with your family over there.

  • Best Time to Visit: October to February
  • Opening Hours: 6:00 AM TO 6:00 PM
  • Major Attractions: Deer park, Hydel PowerPlant
  • Things to Do: Boating, photography, sunset, and sunrise point

Birsa Munda Park

Birsa Munda Park was inaugurated in 2009, is one of the most popular places to visit in Dhanbad. It has become immensely famous in the past couple of years. This park was constructed in a barren plot. There are no traces of greenery in the entire part by seeing it now. The place has some activities that children love like there is a toy train that easily helps in exploring Birsa Munda Park. The park also has amazing landscaped gardens and a children’s play area. A canteen facility is also available in the park.

The pathways and walkways surrounding the entire park are well constructed, maintained, and great for exploring. Many people visit here to take a stroll around the park. Apart from tourists, this park is a great weekend destination for residents of Dhanbad. This park is also a great source of employment for the residents of the town as it has generated high revenue in the past decade.

  • Best Time to Visit: October to March
  • Opening Hours: 5 am to 7 am, and 9 am to 7 pm
  • Major Attractions: landscaped, Gardens, and Children’s play area
  • Things to Do: Picnic

Dhanbad Coal Mines

Dhanbad Coal Mines is the largest Coal producer in India. Mineral mining is also the main source of income for the people of Jharkhand. Apart from this, there are so many Iron, mica, and Coal industries in the city. While visiting Dhanbad, you must explore some of the coal mines that are located over here. There are more than 112 coal mines located in Dhanbad. These coalfields produce around 27 million tons of coals in India.

You must also explore some of the coal washeries located in Dhanbad. You can visit Jharia to see the extracting process. You will be quite astounded to explore the coal mines spread across the entire area of Jharia. If you are interested in geology, then these coal mines are interesting sightseeing places for you in Dhanbad. Another important place to visit in Dhanbad is Central Coalfields Limited is a great place to see the coal mine operations.

  • Best Time to Visit: October to March
  • Major Attractions: Central Coalfields Limited, Iron, Mica, and Coal Industries, Jharia
  • Things to Do: Educational trip

Bhatinda Falls

Bhatinda Waterfall is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Dhanbad. It is not a huge waterfall with a large water volume. The beautiful view of the waterfall surrounded by lush greenery forests, splendid hills, and rocks makes it a great tourist spot to explore. It is commonly known as the Moonidih waterfall and is located 14 km away from the Dhanbad.

The entire place is surrounded by boulders, which is an amazing spot for photography. It is better to explore this place before sunset. The area surrounding the waterfall is quite sheltered, and there are fewer lodging options available. Moreover, bring your food while exploring the site as they are fewer options available on the spot.

  • Best Time to Visit: October to March
  • Major Attractions: Lush greenery forests, Splendid hills, and Rocks
  • Things to Do: Picnic, Photography

Shakti Mandir

Shakti Mandir is a famous religious place to visit in Dhanbad. This temple is quite holy to the Hindu community as it is one of the most beautiful temples dedicated to Goddess Durga. The temple is located on the Thorapathak road which is quite close to the city. This temple is dedicated to Akhand Jyoti of Goddess Durga. This is one of the main reasons why so many pilgrims visit the temple. This is quite a surprising fact that Akhand Jyoti or Eternal Flame is brought here from Vaishno Devi. The architecture of the temple is beautiful and made up of pure white marble. The idol of goddess Durga is made of gold and gives an amazing look to the sculpture.

If you visit Dhanbad during Diwali, you will see that the temple is beautifully decorated. At the time of Dussera, thousands of pilgrims and tourists visit Dhanbad and seek blessings from Maa Durga. The temple runs many programs throughout the year, including Kirtans, Jagrans, Bhajans, and others. Other famous tourist spots near Shakti Mandir are Jawaharlal Nehru biological park, The Ramakrishna Mission, Vidyapeeth.

  • Best Time to Visit: October to March
  • Opening Hours: 7:00 AM TO 9:00 PM
  • Major Attractions: Akhand Jyoti, Idol of Goddess Durga, Temple architect.
  • Things to Do: Cultural activities, Durga Puja celebration

Dhanbad is a pretty amazing place. It is the mixture of both natural beauty with human-made structures. Dhanbad’s varied topography is the main reason, this place is so prevailing in Jharkhand. The list of best places to visit in Dhanbad offers you an amazing combination of nature and waterfalls, where you can explore the greenery and gaze at the beautiful scenery around you.


What is the famous food of Dhanbad?

Sumptuous food of Dhanbad includes Sambar-vada, idly and dosa, aloo chokha, dhuska, anarsa, nimki, pittha, rugda and dhubni roti, etc.

Is Dhanbad a nice place to live?

According to the 2019 Swachh Survekshan cleanliness survey, Dhanbad is the 56th cleanest city in India and a nice place to live in.

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