Shopping Festival in India

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Shopping in India

Shopping is a favorite pass time of majority human being. India is a land of varieties. There is a peculiarity of every region and it is reflected in the Art work and culture of the place. As times are changing, shopping is becoming a multicultural affair. One can find Gujarati garments, Brass work from the south, Kolkata saris in nearly each Indian household. One can shop for all these items in one’s own neighborhood and at the various shopping festivals.

Shopping in the various shopping festivals in India is full of fun and amusement. The experience is totally different from shopping in the latest and modern shopping malls. One can bargain for the things one is buying and be happy reducing the prices. One can shop at these shopping festivals to one’s heart’s content for all the necessities and wants.

One can buy gift items from various places and they may cost one just a few rupees. This kind of shopping adds value to one’s gifts as these are exclusive as these cannot be obtained from any shop or mall. There are various shopping festivals held at different seasons in nearly every part of the country. This way, goods and commodities from every region comes within reach.

If one has a liking for a particular thing, one need not go that region and buy it. One can just find out if the shopping festival in ones area has a stall that sells that particular commodity. Starting from small items like the Kolhapuri chappals to some Pakistani Marble artifacts can bought in the shopping festivals. One can buy corals from Kanya Kumari and also buy nice Kashmiri Pashmina shawls from the same shopping festival.

The price may range from a few rupees to lakhs of rupees depending on the product. One can buy decorative furnishings for one’s house. One can even buy various electrical appliances and other things of everyday use from these shopping festivals.

Various cultural programmes are also held at the venues of the various shopping festivals in India. These entertain the shoppers and attract huge crowds. One can enjoy dance shows, music performances by eminent musicians, mimicry, dramas, etc at the shopping festivals. These shopping festivals enrich one with a number of cultural programmes while one shop and drop.

There are a number of food stalls that cater to ones cravings. One can relish authentic regional food stuff at the shopping festivals. This way, one can shop and also cater to ones taste buds at the same time. Many a times, the shopping festivals are held when the climate of the place is pleasant and tourism is at its peak. This gives a boost to the economy and also adds to the tourist attraction of the particular place.

The festivals are held during holidays or during other important festivals. For example, the Sakaal shopping festival is held during the Diwali period. The Global Indian shopping festival in Kuala Lumpur is held during the summer holidays. One can shop at the discounted prices at the various shopping festivals. One can also get a spot prize or a scratch and win prize if one are lucky.

One also has a chance of winning the bumper prizes which are the attraction of many shopping festivals. Thus, shopping is a favorite pass time of all people- young and old. Everyone is always very enthusiastic to shop and get involved in all the related opportunities. The various shopping festivals held all over India help such kind of choosy customers.

These shopping festivals are held annually or at regular intervals and these attract a huge crowd of visitors from all over. Let us take a view of popular shopping festivals in India.

Gurgaon Shopping Festival

This festival comes as bonanza for the local residents who instead of shopping at Malls flock to the festival for such purchase. This is important to the residents since it comes prior to the Diwali (festival of lights) festival during September and November of every year.

Amongst varieties one can choose from a variety of brands from local make, popular Indian brands to popular international brands in apparel, handicrafts & artifacts, home decors, and other household products. One can get nice bamboo work from the North East, Jute from West Bengal, silk from the South of India, etc. One can enjoy by participating as a viewer in a number of cultural events organized during the shopping festival.

Starting from Bollywood actors, and great musicians to local folk performers grace the shopping festival with elegant performance.

Pondicherry Shopping Festival

Pondicherry is a beautiful town on the southern coast. The place has rich colonial culture and one can feel the French connection in the air. The place is famous for back waters, boulevards neatly lined, the beautiful beaches and the Pondicherry shopping festival. Shopping in Pondicherry is a rewarding experience. Shopping in Pondicherry is enjoyable as the taxes are very low. One gets to shop for the exquisite things like the handmade papers of Pondicherry. The Handmade papers are world famous and are in great demand for their texture and color.

Another best thing about shopping in Pondicherry is the antique furniture. One can expect to get antique furniture like the British colonial furniture, Tamil furniture, French and Keralite furniture. The Pondicherry shopping festival is celebrated for a month. This month long festival is usually conducted during the year end. This is the peak tourist season in Pondicherry and the shopping festival adds to the attractions.

The visitor to the shopping festival gets a lot of advantages as he can reach to a lot of people and get a first hand knowledge of local culture and lifestyle. The government promotes this festival with a lot of media coverage. The Advertisement coverage brings both buyers and sellers together thus this event can help one to create ones brand and promote sales.

Aprt from shopping cultural events like dance, singing, orchestra, comedy shows, mimicry, light and sound shows, etc are organized to entertain the visitors. The shoppers get entertained while they shop. The light show and other decorations lend a festive mode to the shopping experience.

Hyderabad Shopping Festival

Hyderabad is one of the popular tourist destinations in India. The place is popularly regarded as the land of Char Minars and famous Forts apart from recently being the IT hub of the country. Mouth watering Biryanis which comes this place is listed under the world delicacies. Hyderabad is also popular for one more thing, The Hyderabad shopping festival.

The festival is a month long affair every year. It is usually organized during the month of May as the climate is suitable for various outdoor events. The pleasant climate attracts a number of tourists from all over and the shopping festival in Hyderabad adds to the attraction of the place.

Hyderabad shopping festival is one of the biggest shopping events in the country. Nearly 5 million people visit the festival each year. The shoppers comprise of locals, tourists from various states of India and a number of foreign tourists from all over the world. Many manufacturers and retailers participate in the shopping festival of Hyderabad. Many national and international brands compete with each other in this event.

The best part is, even the local brands from the city get to compete with the well known international brands. The shopping festival boosts up the local economy. One can shop for as little as Rs. 10 in the shopping festival to purchase of various bangles, jewelries, pearl sets, stone work, etc at the festival that may cost more than a million.

One can take back some nice mementoes from the shopping festival in Hyderabad. The Lac jewelry and other similar items are in great demand in the festival. While shopping, one can relish local dishes like famous Biryani and the Khichada along with different dishes of Paya.

Hyderabad shopping festival is a huge crowd puller. Various cultural activities are organized during the shopping festival. One can expect events like the traditional dances, Dandiya night, rock music, musical nights, etc during the festival. All this adds to the fun factor while one shops in the shopping festival.

Hyderabad shopping festival is an enjoyable event. One can also look forward on the Shopping festival at Charminar which is held on every year during the month of Ramzan. Other such shopping festival is the Airport Festival Shopping Carnival held at the Rajiv Gandhi International airport.

Delhi Shopping Festival

The capital city of India is a land of festivals starting from political to religious every occasion is a moment of celebration in the capital city. One can celebrate any festival with pomp and shopping festival is no different. People look forward to Delhi shopping festival. All the people young and old participate in the shopping festival in Delhi. The whole country is represented in the Delhi shopping festival.

There are stalls from various regions that represent the culture of that particular place. One can shop to ones hearts content in the Delhi shopping festival. As it is, shopping in Delhi is fun. Shopping in the shopping festival in Delhi is more fun. There are product ranges from household goods to various luxury goods available in the festival at different price ranges.

There is a very nice thing about this shopping festival. There is facility for the men to read books, watch cultural shows, enjoy various cuisines and beverages while the women folk do the shopping. The stalls have names of the malls of the area they are located in. The shopping festival has a number of cultural activities to entertain the shoppers. One can enjoy shopping while one admires the programmes like of Jagjit Singh’s Gazal.

There are also many more such events that consist of musical shows, singing and dance programmes. There is a grand fashion show, rock show and jewelry festival. The food exhibition at the festival is always amazing and many customers take pleasure in and relish the healthy and tasty food. The busiest stalls are the chat stalls from Delhi. The shopping festival in Delhi is helping Delhi to come up as a shopping brand.

The shopping festival is much similar to the shopping festival of Hong Kong, Dubai shopping festival, Kuala Lumpur shopping festival, etc. The shopping festival in Delhi is enjoyed by the locals and tourists. One can spot a number of foreign tourists at the shopping festival. They shop various souvenirs to be taken back home as mementos and gifts for loved ones.

This is a place where one can expect great discounts and varieties of stuff from all over the country. Delhi shopping festival is a must visit affair in one’s lifetime. One can go there with one’s family or friends.

Live Entertainment

Live entertainment is a huge source of revenue for the global Media and Entertainment industry. Live entertainment – sometimes also called event management- is growing at a fast and steady rate. The number of corporate awards, television, films and sports events is increasing rapidly, helping the sector grow at a fast rate.

The current live entertainment segment of the Media and Entertainment industry comprises a small number of large event management companies and a large number of smaller companies. Various types of live entertainment events organized in India are: Award shows, Celebrity appearances, Music concerts, Variety entertainment shows, Fashion shows/beauty contests, Branded Events (promotion and management of brands), Televised Events (Events specially created for television channels), and popular sports events like IPL etc.

Such live entertainment events get their revenue from Sponsorship receipts, Ticket sales, advertising revenues, and Licensing / assignment of Intellectual Property Rights of television, music, video and internet.

Problems Faced by the event organizers in India include the followings:

  • Lack of adequate infrastructure for organisation and staging of events,

  • Sophisticated lighting and special effects equipment required is hired from abroad.

  • As at present import duties and taxes have been hiked and because of lengthy procedure for import of such equipment, the organisers have no choice but to compromise with quality of services.

  • High levels of entertainment tax imposed by the government make the events costly as becomes less competitive with other destinations of Southeast Asia.

  • The major challenge faced by the segment is the unorganised nature of most event management companies, which continues to hinder the growth of this segment.

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