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Guwahati is popularly regarded as the gateway to North-East India, is the largest city located in the Indian state of Assam. It is the largest city in the North-Eastern region of India. It is nestled by the river Brahmaputra on one side and the Shillong Plateau on the other. It was formerly known as Pragjyotishpura. It has been one of the favourites in terms of Education in the North-Eastern Region. It encloses some of the best-rated institutions in the country.

Guwahati is a paradise for those who are looking for a rendezvous with natural greenery and tranquillity. The splendid Himalayan ranges and the beautiful Brahmaputra River offer a fabulous landscape and the rich cultural heritage of the city blend to provide you with an amazing experience, which will make it a remarkable journey. To spend a fantastic vacation in the wilderness, hearing the birds chirping, whispers of the wind, amazing sounds of the gushing river, you must explore this place.

There are many popular places to visit in Guwahati that will help to explore its history, culture, art, and lifestyle.

10 Places to Visit in Guwahati

  1. Guwahati Zoo
  2. Kamakhya Temple
  3. Umananda Island
  4. Guwahati Planetarium
  5. Nehru Park
  6. Dipor Bil
  7. Navagraha Temple
  8. Fancy Bazar
  9. Guwahati War Memorial
  10. Chandubi Lake

Guwahati Zoo

Guwahati Zoo is often referred to as the green lung of the city of Guwahati is a wildlife paradise that spreads over an extensive area of 430 acres. It is located in a huge lush green forest area in the centre of the Hengrabari Forest. It has not lost its amazing touch with mother nature. It exhibits splendid landscape, beautiful gardens, a great deal of wildlife, and a serene environment. It has a relevant mark in shaping the ecological outline of the country. An amazing abundance of wildlife here makes it an enthusiast paradise.

It has been a major tourist destination in the state emulating the grandness of flora and fauna. It is a landmark of 113 different species of animal, birds, and reptiles in the zoo. It is a picturesque botanical garden in its vicinity. It is indeed one of the best places to visit in Guwahati for exploring indigenous and exotic animals.

Best Time to Visit: October to April

Opening Hours: 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Major Attractions: One-horned Rhinoceros, giraffes, Kangaroos, and Ostriches

Things to Do: Photography

Kamakhya Temple

Kamakhya Temple is situated on Nilanchal Hill and is located 7 km away from the main town. It is one of the most admired shrines of Goddess Shakti in India. As per Hindu scriptures, it is a temple with the highest powers of divinity in the country. It celebrates the power of the woman to give birth and is regarded as truly auspicious among the followers of the Tantrik section of Hinduism.

Its main entrance is beautifully designed with simple yet elegant sculptures that are decorated with colourful flowers. The temple has a huge dome that overlooks the splendid Nilanchal Hills in the background. It has many myths associated with it. This temple houses five temples inside it. It is indeed a great place to visit in Guwahati.

Best Time to Visit: October to April

Opening Hours: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Major Attractions: Shrines of Goddess Shakti

Things to Do: Ambubachi Festival, Fare and Photography

Umananda Island

Umananda Island is the smallest river island in the world. This Island is a place with legends ample, a place where man and the wilderness co-habit in calmness and serenity. It is located at the heart of the amazing Brahmaputra River which flows through the city. This place with ample legends associated with it has not been destroyed by the presence of human beings as yet. It was famously known as Peacock Island based on its shape. It is home to a very rare and endangered Golden Langurs who are considered to be highly holy among the people of the Himalayas.

This island is the place where Lord Kamdev (Lord of Love) was burnt into ashes by the third eye of Lord Shiva when he tried to rattle his meditation thereby giving it’s another name Bhasmchal. The prime attraction of the island is the Umananda Devi Temple which is dedicated to Lord Shiva and sees a large number of devotees during religious festivals. It is indeed one of the eminent tourist places in Guwahati

Best Time to Visit: October to April

Opening Hours: 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Major Attractions: Umananda Devi Temple

Things to Do: Festival, Photography

Guwahati Planetarium

The Guwahati Planetarium is situated on the MG Road is an amazing tourist destination for the ‘universe lovers’. It conducts sky-watching sessions regularly. Viewers are captivated by special shows projected here. The magic of the infinitely expanding universe is revealed in a great way and is yet beyond anybody’s understanding.

Apart from the regular Skywatching sessions, there are some special sessions projected on a dome-shaped overhead screen that is the major attraction of the Planetarium. These shows are projected in Hindi, English, as well as Assamese, and the timings, are also convenient. The shows are indeed excellent and hence easy for tourists to manage. It is indeed a famous place to visit in Guwahati.

Best Time to Visit: October to April

Major Attractions: Skywatching sessions

Nehru Park

Nehru Park is situated in the heart of the main city in the Panbazar area of Guwahati. It is an amazing garden park and named after the first Prime Minister of India- Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Apparently, it is one of the prime tourist attractions of the city, the park has been constructed with several trees, soft grass, and magnificent sculptures.

It is blessed with a pristine environment and an awesome atmosphere. It brags of 45 sculptures carved out of concrete revealing several dance types of the state of Assam. Apart from this, it includes an open-air theatre, a rock garden, a beautiful lawn, and a few artificial ponds. It attracts a large number of tourists owing to its well-maintained lawns, vibrantly blooming flowers, and all-around loveliness. The park has perfect facilities to entertain children. There are several rides to keep the children cheered. It is indeed one of the great tourist places in Guwahati.

Best Time to Visit: October to April

Opening Hours: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Major Attractions: Musical Fountain

Things to Do: Photography, Picnic

Dipor Bil

Dipor Bil is situated in the Kamrup district of Assam. It is located 18 km away from the main city. It is a freshwater lake located in the former channel of the Brahmaputra river. It covers a huge area, the lake was announced as a Bird Sanctuary in 1989 owing to its rich biodiversity and heritage. It is home to a wide variety of exotic bird species It is a major tourist destination of Assam. It is popularly known for its pristine beauty and biodiversity. It offers a magnificent view of the spectacular wetland and lush green forest ecosystem. It constitutes over 19000 different species of rare and endangered birds recently spotted here, which attracts tourists in hordes from far and wide.

It is also listed as a Ramsar site by Ramsar Convention due to its huge variety of flora and fauna and its wetland characteristic. It attracts a large number of hibernating birds from far west and south countries. Considering the density and diversity of breeds gathering the place annually, it is declared as an Important Bird Area (IBA) by Birdlife International, and necessary measures are taken to retain the rich culture and environs. It is indeed a famous place to visit in Guwahati.

Best Time to Visit: October to April

Major Attractions: Spot-Billed Pelican, Lesser Adjutant Stork, White Bellied Eagle, Siberian Crane

Things to Do: Photography

Navagraha Temple belongs to the 18th century is Perched on top of the Chitrachal Hill (or Navagraha Hill) in southeastern Guwahati. It was initially known as Chitrasal Hill. It derives its name from Navagraha or the nine planets of the solar system and this temple is dedicated to these nine planets.

Its architecture was built in the old shikhara style. The deify temple is a famous pilgrim spot and is flocked by devotees. It has a benevolent dome in place of a roof; the idol possesses a beehive architectural pattern. The temple premises have been used as a research centre for both astronomy and astrology. In addition to the elegant edifice, elaborate inscriptions, and interior decor, the temple complex serves picturesque views of the Brahmaputra river and the valley. It is indeed one of the popular tourist places in Guwahati.

Best Time to Visit: October to April

Major Attractions: Shrines of Lord Shiva, Silpukhuri Tank

Things to Do: Photography

Fancy Bazar

Fancy Bazar is popularly known as the ‘Chandni Chowk of Guwahati’. It is the best flea market in all of Guwahati. It includes bazillion tiny shops, stray stalls, roadside setups. This place is sure to allure you with its labyrinthian alleys and its throwaway prices. A chaotic yet charming blend of the disarrayed shopkeepers, the bustling shoppers along with the aroma of the local street food, the place is a shopping hub for all the fascinating shoppers out there.

This place is indeed a heaven for anything and everything ranging from designer clothes to boots to jewellery, stationery, accessories, artefacts, and even furniture, and all of it is available at reasonable prices. It is also popular for housing some famous Assam Silk shops, garment shops, sweets shops, and little coops for memorable ornament and takeaways. The sumptuous snack lined at the side will assist you to refresh and rejuvenate with lip-smacking foods. It is indeed a popular place to visit in Guwahati.

Best Time to Visit: October to April

Major Attractions: Jappi, Bamboo and Bhut Jolokia pickles, Assam tea, home decor products

Things to Do: Shopping

Guwahati War Memorial

Guwahati War Memorial is situated near the Dighalipukhuri park in Latasil of Guwahati. It is dedicated to the martyrs who fought for the country and died in the process. The foundation of the place was laid on 18th May 2015; It was established as a mark of respect for the legend who sacrificed their lives to save our nation. This place was built with the objective to spread the feeling of patriotism among the younger generations and also acknowledges courageous sacrifices by our fearless soldiers.

The park architecture has been created brilliantly with an eye for detail. The entrance of the park is decorated with a mighty army tank donated by the Indian Army and Indian Air Force which was used in the war. It is an excellent portrayal of the Great Sariaghat Battle. It showcases a few sculptures on boat war scenes in the water. It also has lush green gardens to sit and relax and has an all-around environment of nationalism and patriotism. It is indeed one of the amazing tourist places in Guwahati that add beauty to the historical spot.

Best Time to Visit: October to April

Opening Hours: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Major Attractions: Scenes from the Kargil war

Things to Do: Photography

Chandubi Lake

Chandubi Lake was originated in the year 1897 as a consequence of a catastrophic earthquake. It is located at the foot of the Garo Hills and is surrounded by Assam and Meghalaya. This lake is extremely calm and tranquil, surrounded by beautiful tea gardens, dense forests, and tiny villages. The lake is pollution-free, owing to the fact that it is out of the reach of modern civilization. It also boasts rich flora and fauna. It attracts a large number of migratory birds during the winter months. It creates the breeding ground of the birds, both residential and migratory. It is also a landmark to various aquatic plants and other exotic wildlife.

Legendary merchant Chanda Sadagar used this beautiful lake as a transit point for his business since then it is believed to be the point where the name of the lake originated. The lake became famous because of the merchant and eventually came to be associated with his name. The entire forest went down and become the lake. It is indeed a famous place to visit in Guwahati.

Best Time to Visit: October to April

Major Attractions: Natural Lagoon, Tea gardens, Raw Jungles

Things to Do: Photography, Picnic, Fishing

Guwahati, with the abundant greenery, scenic view, beautiful lakes, majestic hills, wildlife, eminent street market and every other tourist attraction is indeed a great place where you can spend the best vacation. The list of best places to visit in Guwahati offers a great amalgamation of nature and wildlife, where you can explore the greenery and view the magnificent scenery around you.


What are the famous foods of Guwahati?

The sumptuous foods of Guwahati include Thukpa, Chowmein.,Khaar, Silkworms, Masor Tenga, Palash.

What is special in Guwahati?

Guwahati is particularly popular for its Kamakhya temple located on the top of the Nilachal hill, at a distance of 10 km from the railway station. The picturesque scenic spot also makes it a famous tourist destination.

Is Guwahati a safe city?

Guwahati is one of the safest cities in India with a low crime rate and a high safety rate.

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