Tourist Places to Visit in Jaisalmer (2024)

Are you wondering how to spend a few days enjoying the sky full of starlights in the cold desert? Well. It’s time for you to visit the best places in Jaisalmer and know about this Royal state by exploring charming chivalries, battle-scarred forts, ancient history, and breathtaking dunes that add gems to the Jewel of Rajasthan.

Jaisalmer was a former medieval trading centre and the princely state of rulers and citizens situated in the western region of Rajasthan. This incredible city encapsulates Indian heritage and unique places to visit during your stay. Before you pack your bags to come to enjoy the stunning marvels of Jaisalmer, chalk down the ten best places to visit in Jaisalmer that will blow your mind.

10 Places to Visit in Jaisalmer

  1. Jaisalmer Fort
  2. Bada Bagh
  3. Sam Sand Dunes
  4. Patwon-ki-Haveli
  5. Gadisar Lake
  6. Vyas Chatri
  7. Jain Temples
  8. Salim Singh ki Haveli
  9. Desert National Park
  10. The Thar Heritage Museum

Jaisalmer Fort

Your journey is worth starting from the oldest fort of Rajasthan. Jaisalmer fort is famously known as Golden Fort. It was built in the 12th century by the Rajput Ruler, Raja Jaiswal. This beautiful massive yellow-stone fort was used to accommodate the entire population of Jaisalmer before the 17th century. Its tawny lion-coloured wards turned into honey-gold during the sunsets. The fort stands tall and displays its sprawling towers on the Tarukta Hill, easily visible from many miles. It is one of the top places in Jaisalmer to experience the rich culture and examples of Rajputana. The fort surrounds numerous restaurants famous for french and Italian cuisines, hotels, and museums to become the most visited tourist spot in Jaisalmer.

Jaisalmer fort has intricately designed four massive gateways to enter the majestic living example of 800 years old. It incorporates 99 bastions that fortified four gates, The Raj Mahal Palace ( a former residence of Maharawal), seven Jain temples, and several merchants’ Havelis carved from yellow sandstone. The walls, doors, and pillars of the fort have beautiful and ancient carvings to attract visitors and admire their rich heritage. It was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 2013.

Famous For: Magnificent look of the fort during the night and 99 long turrets form 4 km wall.

Alternate Names: Sonar Quila, Golden Fort, Sone ka Quila.

Tickets: INR 50 for domestic, INR 250 for foreigners.

Opening Timings: 8 A.M – 6 P.M ( April to November) 9 A.M – 6 P.M ( November to March)

Ideal Time to Explore: 2 hours

Exact Location: Near Gopa Chowk, Khejer Para, Manak Chowk, Amar Sagar Pol.

How To Reach: Reach by local taxi.

Things to do:

  • Visit a museum made inside the fort.
  •  Enjoy the site of Raja Mahal or Maharwal Palace.
  • Live the astounding architecture of Jawahar Palace, Sarvottam Vilas, Zenana Mahal, Gaj Mahal, Bada Vilas, Moti Mahal, and other palaces in the fort.
  • See Diwan-i-Am and Diwan-i-Khas,  the two wonderfully crafted halls for public and private audiences.
  • The Laxminath temple is dedicated to Vishnu and Laxmi, the two Hindu deities.

Bada Bagh

Bada Bagh is popularly known as Barabagh ( in English, it means Grand Garden). This beautiful garden was constructed by Lunkaran in 1743. It is a memorial for his father, Maharwal Jaisal Singh, and all the nobles who fought to protect the city. Its unique and charming architecture makes it attractive and fun to walk around. You will get to observe the royal garden in between deserts blended with greeneries. It is one of the top tourist destinations that gives a reason to capture stunning moments during sunrise and sunset.

It’s a set of tall and spacious royal chhatris Cenotaphs stunningly crafted from sandstone blocks. They were built in four different sizes for King, Queen, Prince, and other royal members. Each chhatri has a marble slab with inscriptions about the deceased royal and a symbolic image of a man on a horse.

Best Time to Visit: 8 A.M to 6 P.M

Major Attractions: Enchantic Sunrise and Sunset in the desert

Ideal Duration to Explore: 1 hour

Things to do:

  • Spend little time isolated from the city.
  • Click mesmerizing pictures of Sunsets and sunrise.

Sam Sand Dunes

Take yourself on the camel ride in the exotic Sam Sand Dunes. Jaisalmer is covered with sandy and golden-coloured soil to make it a breathtakingly gorgeous city. Sam Sand Dunes offers the visitors to see sand crests and deep troughs of dunes while riding a camel or in a jeep safari. It allows tourists to enjoy desert life and spend picturesque time in the desert. It is located on the outskirts of the city. In the evening, campfires are usually set in the desert to entertain tourists with folk dances and music rich in Rajasthani culture.

It is the most recommended sightseeing place in Jaisalmer. You will get to enjoy a desert safari to sweep through the dunes. At the end of the safari, you will enjoy a crimson horizon at the sunset point and sit for a while to experience a blissful moment. During February and March, the Desert Festival is organized to see camel races and other cultural events.

Location: Sam Sand Dunes Near Sam Toll Barrier, Right Side On Sam Road, Rajasthan

Best Time to Visit: 8 A.M to 6 P.M

Major Attractions: Camel Safari, Thar desert, Sand dunes, Sunset and Sunrise point, and Campings.

Ideal Duration to Explore: 2 -3 hours / 2 days and one night

Things to do:

  • Desert camping
  • Click mesmerizing pictures of Sunsets and sunrise.
  • Paragliding and other adventure sports.
  • Camel Rides
  • Enjoy Culture Evening along with Rajasthani cuisines.


Patwon ki Haveli also called the Mansion of Brocade Merchants is the most beautiful place in Jaisalmer. It was specially constructed in 1805, by a well-known merchant of Jaisalmer, Guman Chand Patwa. The first and biggest haveli took 55 years to complete. Patwa was an extremely wealthy trader who had no dearth of money. He ordered constructors to build a huge five-story haveli for his five sons.

This luxurious palace has large decorated walls and large corridors carved from yellow sandstone. It also represents the intricate work of architects in the early 19th century. This stunning monument will easily mesmerize you and make it your favourite place. Out of the five stories, one is turned into a museum to enjoy the history of Jaisalmer. The other three Havelis are used for the artistry works.

Location: Sam Sand Dunes Near Sam Toll Barrier, Right Side On Sam Road, Rajasthan

Best Time to Visit: 8 A.M to 6 P.M

Major Attractions: Camel Safari, Thar desert, Sand dunes, Sunset and Sunrise point, and Campings.

Ideal Duration to Explore: 2 hours

Things to do:

  • Desert camping
  • Click mesmerizing pictures of Sunsets and sunrise.
  • Paragliding and other adventure sports.
  • Camel Rides
  • Enjoy Culture Evening along with Rajasthani cuisines.

Gadisar Lake

Gadisar Lake was built by the founder of Jaisalmer, King Rawal Jaisal, in 1156 AD. This artificial lake is also known as Gadsisar Lake. This lake is only one and a half kilometres away from Jaisalmer fort. It used to be the only freshwater source for the entire Jaisalmer. It was rebuilt by Gadsi Singh in 1367 AD. After him, it was named Gadsisar Lake. Currently, it gets the supply of water from the Indira Gandhi Canal. It is a recommended attraction to see in Jaisalmer during the sunset.

This calm and serene lake attracts many visitors to enjoy boating on Silken waters. It is surrounded by temples, chhatris, and holy shrines to create a better place to sit and have a peaceful time. It’s the perfect ambience to create some romantic memories and a wonderful place to list the best places to visit in Jaisalmer for couples.

Location: Near Tilon Ki Gate, Near Jaisalmer Fort, Jaisalmer

Best Time to Visit: 8 A.M to 9 P.M

Major Attractions: Yellow sandstone entrance and chhatris.

Things to do:

  • Picnic
  • Boating
  • Visit Tilon Ki Pol gate and Folklore museum

Vyas Chatri

Vyas Chatri is an authentic golden sandstone Cenotaph standing as an edifice of Rajasthani architecture. It was constructed as a memorial for Brahmins of Jaisalmer and to honour Sage Vyasa, who wrote 300,000 verses of Epic Mahabharata. It is a worth visiting place that gives an aerial view of Jaisalmer. It is located inside Bada Bagh – one of the top Jaisalmer famous places to visit before leaving this desert city. The Royal family of Jaisalmer used to maintain all the Brahmins’ Cenotaphs.

The elevated pavilion was built with meticulously done carving that beholds the beauty of yellow sandstone. It gives an awe-inspiring sight of sunset in a desert along with other sandstone structures. It is one of the best tourist places near Jaisalmer at the night for tourists.

Location: Dendansar Road, Jaisalmer

Best Time to Visit: 8 A.M to 7: 30 P.M

Major Attractions: Yellow sandstone Chhatris.

Ideal Duration to Explore: 1-2 hrs/ Day or Night

Entry fee: Free

Jain Temples

Jaisalmer Fort house a group of seven Jain temples that gives a visual treat to architecture lovers. The Jain temples were built between the 12th and 15th centuries. It has protected the history of Jain culture and Rajput Kings from invasions and destruction for over 800 years. The Jain temple was housed in the Jaisalmer Fort to save it from Mughal invaders and thieves. Maharaj Jaisal created the Jaisalmer with the help of Jain Merchants and a deal to protect the seven Jain temples or Tirth – Parshwanath, Sambhavnath, Adinath, Shantinath, Shitalnath, Chandraprabhu swami, and Simanghar swami.

It is one of the best places to see at dawn as it is the calmest space to sit and meditate for a while. You will easily mesmerize to see the intricate pillars carved with animals and humans on the sandstone. Among the seven temples, two temples are situated in Lodurva village, 16 kilometres away from Jaisalmer City. Parfhwanath has an underground library that safely kept Jain literature for years.

Location: Malkap Road, Ramesh Chowk, Jaisalmer

Best Time to Visit: 7 A.M to 6 P.M

Major Attractions: A peaceful place and witness Jain culture.

Ideal Duration to Explore: 1-2 hrs/ Day

Entry fee: INR 50 – 250

Things to do:

  • Meditate while visiting the place.
  • Visit Jaisalmer Fort
  • Visit the Gyan Bhandar Library.

Salim Singh ki Haveli

Salim Singh ki Haveli comes under must-visit places in Jaislamer while wandering in the Jaisalmer fort. It has an eye-catching architecture that was constructed by Minister, Salim Singh during the 17th century. There’s a story behind this haveli – Salim Singh wanted to build it as high as Jaisalmer fort but the King prohibited it. It is popularly known as Jahaz Mahal as this haveli looks like a ship from the front. It must be listed in the top 10 things to see in Jaisalmer.

It has a distinctive and artistic style of architecture because of 38 balconies and a peacock-shaped roof. Each one was crafted with a different point of the design. It provides a place to see the entire city and click the photographs to capture the awe-inspiring view of the Golden City.

Famous for: History, Architecture, and Scenery view

Location: Amar Sagar Pol, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

Best Time to Visit: 8 A.M to 6 P.M

Major Attractions: 38 balconies to lose track of time and an elephant structure at the entrance.

Ideal Duration to Explore: 45 min

Entry fee: 10 INR for Indians and 15 INR for foreigners. Extra charges for photography (50 INR) and videography (100 INR).

Things to do:

  • Click photographs.
  • Visit other Havelis and Jaisalmer forts.

Desert National Park

Desert National Park is situated in the Thar Desert. It is one of the largest national parks that balance the ecosystem with the abundance of birdlife and wildlife. It has a collection of fossils and plants which are 180 million years old and some of the fossils of dinosaurs that are 60 million years old and rare to be found. The endangered Great Indian bustard is a great attraction point of this national park. You may also get lucky to spot Indian Gazelle or Chinkara, desert fox, birds like eagles, falcons, and so more. This national park is one of the beautiful places to visit near Jaisalmer.

You also get to hear the voices of migratory birds and sand grouse. You can spot them near lakes or ponds. The most suitable time to enjoy this thrilling experience is between November and January. You can take a jeep safari for sightseeing in this desert national park. There is also an option for camping to add more fun. It is surely among the most popular places in Jaisalmer.

Famous for: wildlife, migratory birds, fossils, flora, and fauna.

Location: Near Sam Sand Dunes, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

Best Time to Visit: 10 A.M to 5 P.M

Major Attractions: Sam Sand Dunes, Indian Bustard, wild cat, millions of years of fossils, magnificent landscape, and photography.

Ideal Duration to Explore: 2-3 hours

Entry fee: 100 INR for Indians.

Things to do:

  • Go for Jeep Safari to visit the entire national park
  • Camel Safari on Sam Sand Dunes
  • Camping near Sam Sand Dunes.

The Thar Heritage Museum

The Thar Heritage Museum was founded by L Narayan Khatri to store the historical symbols, arts, and culture of Jaisalmer. This museum is one of the popular attractions in Jaisalmer, not to tell the history of Jaisalmer but also to showcase folk art and the rich culture of Rajasthan. It has safely kept fascinating things like artefacts, fossils, instruments, old kitchen equipment, manuscripts, and weapons used in wars. Some of the sea fossils that are ageing over millions of years tell us how the sea eventually became the Thar desert.

The museum also engages the visitors with an amiable puppet show in Jaisalmer that represents the spirit of the Rajasthani Culture. There are many attractions that you can pay a visit to after the Thar Heritage Museum, such as the Jaisalmer folklore museum, fortress, and Silk Route art gallery.

Location: Near Sam Sand Dunes, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

Best Time to Visit: 9 A.M to 8 P.M

Major Attractions: Puppet show, weapons, and old items.

Ideal Duration to Explore: 1-2 hours

Entry fee: 30 INR for Indians and 70 for foreigners

Things to do:

  • Enjoy the Puppet show
  • Visit the nearby Silk Route Art Gallery and folklore museum.

The beauty of Jaisalmer needs no descriptions. On the next holiday, you may choose this exotic royal state and a city full of ancient places to explore. You will not able to stop yourself from admiring the golden grandeur, old temples, fun desert safari, and more. The list of the ten best places in Jaisalmer offers you an amazing holiday experience and a better exploration of the golden city of Rajasthan.


What is famous in Jaisalmer?

Jaisalmer is famous for its art and crafts, historical monuments, and long history of 800 years. You can check the above list of top places to visit in Jaisalmer to familiarize you with the richness of Rajasthani culture.

What is the best time to visit Jaisalmer?

The best time to visit Jaisalmer is between October and March.

How many days are enough for Jaisalmer?

Yes, 2 -3 days are enough to see tourist places in Jaisalmer that include sightseeing forts, places, shopping in bazaars near Jaisalmer fort, and nightlife.

Where can I go Shopping in Jaisalmer?

Manak Chowk, Pansari Bazaar, Sonoran Ka Baas, Bhatia Bazaar, and Sadar Bazaar are the best places in Jaisalmer for shopping.

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