Tourist Places to Visit in Nagaland (2024)

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Nagaland is popularly known as the “Land of Festivals is situated “in the hilly region of the northeast part of India. It is a quaint state and one of the amazing hill stations in India. It is endowed with majestic hills and spectacular valleys. Its serene beauty and atmosphere give you unwind and tranquillity. The splendid landscapes and elegant sunrise and sunsets uplift your spirits to a different plane. Its hilly region is an ideal place for adventurous activities like trekking, jungle camping, and rock climbing. It is famous for its amazing environment and untouched beauty.

Nagaland is also rich in culture and heritage. This place is always ready to welcome a festival with great delight, cheer and dances, and songs. Colourful costumes, spicy cuisines, awesome weather, traditional villages, beautiful dance forms, and lyrical songs are all that define Nagaland.

There are many amazing places to visit in Nagaland that will help to explore its history, culture, art, and lifestyle.

7 Places to Visit in Nagaland

  1. Kohima
  2. Dimapur
  3. Mokokchung
  4. Wokha
  5. Mon
  6. Phek
  7. Kiphire


Kohima is famously regarded as a ‘land ruled by the Nagas’ is the hilly capital of Nagaland. It is one of the most picturesque and fascinating places to visit. It is located at an elevation of 1500 meters above sea level. This place is considered one of the seven sister states of India. It is nestled with majestic landscapes, lush green hills and emerald forests. It makes an ideal destination for trekking, camping, and hiking. It is indeed one of the famous tourist places in Nagaland.

The most popular tourist spots in this city are Japfu Peak, Kohima War Cemetery, Shilloi Lake, Intanki Wildlife Sanctuary, and Khonoma village. It has also been etched in history as the spot of a fierce fight with the Japanese during World War II. Kohima War Cemetery is one of the most impeccable tourist destinations here, which is a landmark to thousands of soldiers of World War II.

Best Time to Visit: October to May


Dimapur is famously known to be the largest and fastest-growing city of Nagaland. This place serves as the main entry point into Nagaland. It is also the commercial centre of the state. While nature lovers are enthralled by the magnificent landscape of the place. History lovers would be fascinated by the 10th century Kachari ruins found here.

The leading tourist destination in this city is Triple Falls, Kachari Ruins, Sumi Town Baptist Church, Diezephe Craft Village, the Nagaland science centre, and the zoological park. The boundary of the eastern part of Nagaland is surrounded by the Dhansiri River, while the western part consists mostly of forests and hills. It is one of the popular places to visit in Nagaland.

Best Time to Visit: October to June


Mokokchung is famously known as “An urban habitat to Ao Naga”. It is regarded as the cultural and intellectual capital of Nagaland, is one of the most significant urban centres in all of Nagaland. It is endowed with majestic hills and the musical sounds of the streams running would mesmerize you. This tourist place gets vibrant with activity during the festival seasons.

The most leading tourist destination in this place are Changkikong Range, Langpangkong Caves, Fusen Kei and Mongzu Ki Caves, Changtongya, Unman village and Mokokchung Village. Since agriculture constitutes the main occupation in this place, festivals during the sowing and harvesting months are sure to enhance an eclectic experience. It is one of the eminent places to visit in Nagaland.

Best Time to Visit: October to June


Wokha is popularly known as ‘the land of plenty by the state government of Nagaland. It is located in the mid part of Nagaland is home ground to the Lot has, the largest tribes in Nagaland., This tourist place got its place on the Nagaland Tourism map when it was pinpointed by the British in the year 1876. It has a beautiful river and majestic hills like Mount Tiyi and Totsu Cliff, which makes it an ideal destination for trekking, camping, and hiking. For the rest, it is an amazing sight to behold for its carpet of colourful flowers, and orchards.

The leading tourist attraction in this place is Liphanyan Governor’s camp, Vankhosung, Doyang Hydro Project, and Water Pool. This place is well known for its vibrant dances and folk songs as well. One of the major reasons why one should visit Wokha would be to explore Mount Tiyi and Totsu Cliff. Most people have strongly believed that this mountain is the abode of departed souls. Rhododendrons are common on Mount Tiyi. It is one of the popular places to visit in Nagaland.

Best Time to Visit: October to June


Mon is one of the most mystic places located at the altitude of 897.64 m above sea level that boasts of rich culture and heritage. Its geographical location is located in the northeastern part of the state, which adds to its mystic appeal. The people, their culture, their dressing is very colourful and different and it is probably the most interesting feature of this place. It is a paradise for those who are looking for a rendezvous with natural greenery and tranquillity as the landscapes are spectacular. One of the best views is the Assam plains located over here. It is a Home to the Konyaks nagas.

The popular tourist attractions in this place are Veda Peak, Shangnyu Village, Naganimora, Chui Village, and Longwa Village. This place offers tourists a unique and quite spectacular view of tattooed faces wearing a feathery loincloth. One can explore a waterfall near the Veda peak and this would be one of the most amazing places in the region. It is indeed an amazing tourist place in Nagaland.

Best Time to Visit: October to May


Phek is a hilly area enriched in flora and fauna. It boasts of panorama landscapes. Its evergreen forests occupy over 70% of Phek. It is surrounded by exquisite mountains and beautiful lakes that offer a scenic view and the rich cultural heritage of the place blends to provide you with an amazing experience, which will make it a remarkable journey.

The popular tourist attraction in this place is Kapamodz, Zanibu Peak, Dzudu Lake, Pfutsero, and the Peripheries of Pfutsero Town. Its main rivers are Tizu, Lanye, and Sedzu. Apart from the majestic hills, Shilloi lake is the main tourist attraction. Phek waterfall orchid gives you an eclectic experience that adds the right icing to this travel destination. It is indeed an impeccable tourist place in Nagaland.

Best Time to Visit: October to May


Kiphire is the highest Peak overlooking Mountain Sabarmati. It is a small town located in the Kiphire district of Nagaland. It has some of the best magnificent landscapes that offer a fabulous view and the natural beauty of the place combines to provide you with an eclectic experience.

The popular tourist attraction in this place is Saramati Peak, Caves of Salomi, Caves of Mimi, Fakim Wildlife Sanctuary, Wawade Waterfall. It makes an ideal place for sports activities like trekking, canoeing, and rafting. This place is a perfect destination for adventure lovers and draws numerous visitors throughout the year. The panoramic view of the Mountain Sabarmati from the top of the peak is impeccable. It is one of the best places to visit in Nagaland.

Best Time to Visit: October to June

Nagaland, with the abundant greenery, scenic view, beautiful lakes, majestic hills, wildlife, magnificent landscapes, and every other tourist attraction is indeed a great place where you can spend the best vacation. The list of best places to visit in Nagaland offers an exquisite blend of nature and wildlife, where you can explore the greenery and view the beautiful scenery around you.


What are the famous foods of Nagaland?

The sumptuous foods of Nagaland include Sliced Bamboo shoots, Sliced Bamboo, Fermented soybeans, Dry Colocasia stems and leaves, Fermented dry fish, Samathu, Aikibeye, Perilla seeds, Snails, Boiled Vegetables.

What is special in Nagaland?

With a huge number of different tribes and the cultural diversity that they bring, there is little wonder in the fact that Nagaland is popularly known as the ‘Land of Festivals’. With each tribe practising its own rituals and traditions, it has one major festival lined up for all months of a year.

What is the official language of Nagaland?

The Nagaland Assembly declared English as the official language of the state Nagaland.

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