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Kohima is popularly known as a ‘land ruled by the Nagas’ is the hilly capital of Nagaland. It is one of the most magnificent and fascinating places to visit. It is located at an elevation of 1500 meters above sea level. This place is considered one of the seven sister states of India. It is endowed with splendid landscapes lush green hills and emerald forests. It makes an ideal destination for trekking, camping, and hiking. This place was built by the British and is home to the Naga and Kulkis tribe. It is popular for its exquisite environment and untouched beauty. It is a land of folklore.

It has also been etched in history as the spot of a fierce fight with the Japanese, a part of a 64 day long battle during World War II. One of the most famous spots here includes the Commonwealth War Cemetery which is a landmark to thousands of soldiers of World War II. There are many popular places to visit in Kohima that will help to explore its history, culture, art, and lifestyle.

5 Places to Visit in Kohima

  1. Japfu Peak
  2. Kohima War Cemetery
  3. Shilloi Lake
  4. Intanki Wildlife Sanctuary
  5. Khonoma village

Japfu Peak

Japfu Peak is situated at an altitude of 3048 meters above sea level. It is crowned as the second highest peak in Nagaland. This peak is a perfect destination for trekking lovers and draws numerous visitors throughout the year. It offers one of the most spectacular landscapes of the continent. The panoramic view of the valley from the top of the peak is impeccable. The entire valley is nestled with an emerald green forest and wildflowers. This place is a refuge to the 130 ft tall giant Rhododendron tree, one of the tallest trees in the world.

The Japfu Peak serves as the amazing vantage point for praising the heavenly beauty of the Dzukou Valley. Dzukou valley is also regarded as the “Valley of Flowers of the east”.It is considered to be the base of the hollow of an old volcano and seems covered with a carpet of the most beautiful species of grass and flowers. It provides a wide and serene view of the enchanting valley. It is indeed one of the best places to visit in Kohima.

Best Time to Visit: October to May

Major Attractions: Dzukou valley

Things to Do: Photography

Kohima War Cemetery

Kohima War Cemetery is an amazing site dedicated to the 10,000 Allied soldiers who sacrificed their lives during the Japanese battle during World War II. The cemetery is endowed with lush green, splendid lawns, and well-groomed flowers. On the 18 plots of the cemetery, there are 1421 slabs constructed in memory of soldiers who lost their lives in the battle of Kohima. The soldiers were from the UK, Japan, East, West Africa, and Burma. It is indeed one of the eminent tourist places in Kohima.

Best Time to Visit: October to May

Major Attractions: Epitaph on the cemetery wall

Things to Do: Photography

Shilloi Lake

Shilloi Lake is a small and picturesque lake about four meters deep. It is a beautiful human-foot-shaped lake located in the pristine and calm surroundings of the Patkai Range of Nagaland. It is a very amazing tourist destination with an exquisite valley surrounding it from all sides.

This tourist place is considered very important by the folks of Latsum village as it is believed that the soul of a sacred child rests in the bottom of the shilloi lake. It is one of the reasons why no one fishes or uses the lake water for drinking purposes. A large number of migratory birds visit this lake. It is indeed one of the amazing tourist places in Kohima.

Best Time to Visit: October to May

Major Attractions: Patakai Range, Myanmar Border

Things to Do: Photography, Bird Watching

Intanki Wildlife Sanctuary

Intanki Wildlife Sanctuary has situated 35km from Dimapur. It is surrounded by lush green forests and majestic mountains. This place is home to a whole variety of animals such as Elephants, wild buffalos, the rare, sloth bear, barking deer black storks, and many more. The prime attraction of this forest is Hoolock Gibbon, it is the only species of ape found in India. Apart from various types of animals, there are species of birds spotted here including hornbill, Green Pigeon, black stork, etc in this forest.

This place came into the eminence after a quarrel with PETA which said that living conditions for the animals are quite pathetic. Since that incident, the park is very well maintained and is a beautiful place to explore. It is indeed one of the best places to visit in Kohima for exploring indigenous and exotic animals.

Best Time to Visit: November to February

Opening Hours: 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Major Attractions: Hoolock Gibbon

Things to Do: Photography

Khonoma village

Khonoma Village is situated just 20 km away from the main town. This village bears the remembrance of the rich heritage and cultural legacy of Nagaland. It holds an important place in the historical significance of Nagaland. The brave warriors of Nagaland who had fought with invaders and sacrificed their lives to protect the motherland used to live at Khonoma village.

The entrance gate of Khonoma reveals the sacrifice of the villagers to save the nation from the foreign intruders. It includes several memorials in the village built in the honor of those fighters who lost their lives for the betterment of the village. It is endowed with dense green mountains and panorama beauty, this village attracts a large number of tourists across the world. Each tourist destination of Khonoma reflects the old glory of Nagaland. It is indeed an eminent place to visit in Kohima.

Best Time to Visit: October to May

Major Attractions: Memorials

Things to Do: Photography

Kohima is one of the few places that are still unaffected by modern commercialization and human activities. With all its picturesque panorama, abundant greenery, scenic view, beautiful lakes, majestic hills gushing streams, exotic wildlife, splendid valleys, and every other tourist attraction is indeed a great place where you can spend the best vacation. The list of best places to visit in Kohima offers a great blend of nature and wildlife, where you can explore the greenery and view the panorama view around you.


What are the famous foods of Kohima?

The sumptuous foods of Kohima include Pork, beef, mutton, chicken, and also lots of jungle animals are eaten over here. Delicacies prepared with bamboo shoots, ginger, Naga King chilly are famous over here.

What is famous in Kohima?

Kohima is one of the most amazing places in Nagaland and clearly there is a lot that you can do here. Kohima is popularly known for many beautiful sites, one of the most popular ones is the Commonwealth War Cemetery, the final resting place of soldiers who lost their lives during World War II.

Is Kohima worth visiting?

Kohima is a paradise for those who are looking for a rendezvous with natural greenery and tranquillity. It is filled with a bounty for nature lovers. It is the capital city of Nagaland and is a home to Angami, Rengma, Kuki and Zeliang Naga tribes. You can explore the magnificent religious monuments, museums, and colourful villages.

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